Wearing Diapers to Work

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Wearing diapers to work has always been something I have had to do because of being diagnosed with incontinence.  But wearing diapers to work does have its perks in certain situations.  But, with the rising rate of incontinence in the United States, more and more people are turning to diapers to help them.  Naturally, many people have to go to work so what are they to do about their little incontinence problem?  They have to wear diapers to work.  Wearing diapers to work can be simple and easy to conceal if you pay attention.  Many people might not realize the comfort and positives into something like wearing diapers to work.  In the following article I will give you tips and positives to wearing diapers to work and dealing with incontinence at work or anywhere for that matter.

Being a full time diaper wearer I have had to learn to not only cope but embrace wearing diapers to work.  Being a 26 year old woman wearing a diaper such as a Molicare diaper to work has taught me tricks and tips to not only conceal thicker diapers but also to embrace wearing diapers to work.  Molicare diapers provide a lot of absorbency which is extremely important in your choice of wearing a diaper to work.  I would rather deal with wearing a thicker diaper to work than a leaking diaper at work from a cheap brand of diaper. 

Wear Dark Pants to Work
Dark pants allow for not only a skinnier appearance but also help to better conceal that you are wearing a diaper to work.  Especially with thicker diapers such as Molicare, Abena, and even a Bambino Diaper (look this diaper up if you haven’t heard of it).  Thicker diapers tend to bulge a bit more depending on your body shape and how you put the diaper on.  So, wearing darker pants will better give off the appearance that a diaper is not there.

Bring an Extra Diaper
Bring at least one extra diaper in case you have an emergency.  Wearing a diaper to work can have its perks but the last thing you want is to be sitting in a full diaper whether it is urine or defecation.  Diapers at work can even allow you to get more work done as you do not have to leave your desk all the time to go to the bathroom.  But, I always keep an extra adult diaper in my purse just in case I need a change but typically when wearing a diaper to work, I choose a thicker diaper and that gets me through the day.

Tuck Your Undershirt In
By tucking your undershirt in that is either over your dress shirt or blouse, it allows for concealing of the diaper in case you were to bend over and the diaper was to expose itself.  I always wear a tank top or lightweight t-shirt underneath my dress shirt or blouse and tuck it in.  Wearing diapers to work really is manageable and easy to conceal to allow you the maximum comfort while also maintaining a bit of privacy.

Relax and Be Confident
I am a big supporter of being confident in yourself.  Whether you choose to wear a diaper to work or you have to wear a diaper to work for necessity reasons, such as incontinence, you should be confident in yourself and who you are.  Don’t be uptight and think that if somebody finds out you are wearing a diaper to work then your life is ruined.  In the rare case somebody does find out or you decide to tell them, most mature adults will understand especially if it is a health reason.  But, as long as you are not letting wearing diapers at work to get in the way of business than there is no reason to worry. 

Wearing diapers to work has been part of my life ever since I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch in my teens.  Having to wear skimpy little outfits while wearing a diaper to work was not always the easiest in concealing but it sure helped to become more comfortable with who I was and embrace even more having to wear diapers.  Wearing diapers is not the end of the world and can provide everything from emotional and physical comfort all the way to feeling secure and providing a way to protect yourself from accidents.


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