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SMS or short message service is become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether we are at work, home or on a leisure trip, SMS follows us everywhere; we have literally become the pied pipers of this nifty little mobile feature.

Online SMS is a great avenue to send quick SMS or group SMS. If your target recipient is a friend or a small group of people, then online messaging service will definitely prove to be your knight in the shining armour.

This service can be used by individuals, office workers, managers or even housewives. It is fast, convenient and a free way of communicating.

So what is the catch?

None! Several websites offer this free service to its registered users. It typically needs the person to be a member; which can be easily accomplished by filling up their form. Once the registration process is done you are ready to send messages to anyone; quickly, discreetly and without the hassle of using miniature keys of your mobile phone.

Why do these websites provide this service free of cost?

These entities recover their costs by advertising. Because they have millions of subscribers who log in everyday to send SMS, advertisers realise the potential. They know such a scenario will expose their products and services to that many people.

Do you want to become a part of mobile industry? Does bulk SMS tingle your marketing skills? Then become a Bulk SMS Reseller today.

What is the role of an SMS reseller?

They are entities who are like mediators; individuals or business enterprises that form a link between SMS gateway providers and retail users. Resellers typically sell SMS credits to end users and even to other resellers. They get technical support and front end to manage their customers from aggregators or SMS gateway providers.

On their part, a reseller provides the software and SMS credits to his customers.

Why become an SMS reseller? What are the advantages?

1. Setting up SMS business is easy.

2. It does not require huge investment.

3. This business does need to be run round the clock. A few hours of quality time is enough.

4. There is no scope for loss because credits can be sold back to aggregators.

5. No marketing or technical support required from a reseller. The aggregator or bulk SMS provider will handle those issues.

SMS Gateway is a telecommunication tool that facilitates sending and receiving of text messages. It is a protocol, typically used to tap mobile carrier’s short message service centre. This facility is provided by SMS gateway provider; these entities are also called aggregators.

Aggregators are also called bulk SMS providers because they provide software which allows marketers to send mass messages for various tasks such as, sending product updates & offers, alerts and interacting with customers via 2-way messaging.

Aggregators or bulk SMS providers typically sign agreement with mobile carriers to utilize their gateways for commercial tasks.

Bulk SMS is one of the fastest growing direct marketing platforms. This avenue is affordable and reliable.


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