Why you Should Quit and Stop Smoking?

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A lot of people in the whole world suffered of addicted to smoking . There’s a lot of smokers has try their best way to stop smoking in order to maintain their health condition. Well, smoking is a really bad habit. A lot of people suffered of critical diseases such as cancer and diabetis just because smoking. Smoking also will not only be harmful to the smoker itself, but the smoke itself can spread the disease to other people that is near the smoker. Here I put some reason why you should stop and quit smoking to start you new healthy lifestyle without smoking!

One of the top reason why you should stop smoking is of course, to SAVE MONEY! A lot people spend a lot of money just to buy a pack of cigarettes which will cost you up to $35 bill per week just to buy pack of cigarettes. Imagine, how much money have you waste every week, every month and every year just to smoking but as the pay, you get a critical disease. It doesn’t not really worth to spend money on useless thing. Why use that money to invest it for yourself such as starting your own blog or online business to earn much more money.

Apart from save your money, stop smoking also help you to save yourself from getting any critical diseases such as heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, lung cancer, or even breathing complication. Medical research has already showed us how bad smoking can affect to your life. Did you now that by just stop smoking , you can prevent yourself from getting risk of any above diseases. So, you better take action on yourself before those bad things happen to you. Preventing is better than cure it. So, start your step to stop smoking today!

Another benefits of stop smoking is, to prevent yourself and your enviromental free from any smoke. Without any cigarettes, you keep your house cleaned from any smoke smell. Smoke can give you a bad smell to your house, clothes and even your teeth and mouth itself. And if you always smoking in your car, by stop smoking you can keep your car smell good and free from any smoke dust. Did you know that most of girls love to have relationship with non-smoker guy ? So, it is a wise action for you to stop smoking NOW!

Stop smoking is really a good decision. But, you also need to concern which way to start it first. Make sure you choose the best one which suit to your lifestyle and yourself. Good luck in STOP SMOKING !!


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