The Concept And Techniques of Tennis Game

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Tennis is a globally popular sport; it is played with a racket and a ball. The tennis singles games have two competitors while the doubles have four competitors. All tennis games are played in rectangular shaped tennis courts; usually a net is strung between the midpoints of the longer side of the court. Many tennis live tournaments are held in diverse parts of the world and tennis is ranked as one of the most popular spectator and participation sport in the world. The courts where tennis live tournaments are held vary in their make in different countries; the courts may be made up of grass, clay, wood, concrete, asphalt or artificial grass. The performance of world renowned champions has been known to be determined by the type of tennis court being used in a tennis live tournaments. Some players for instance may play very efficiently on grass courts as opposed to concrete courts. The biggest international tennis live event that is held every year is the Fed Cup. This is an international tournament that is organised by the Womenand#146;s Tennis Association. In this tennis live competition, outstanding women tennis players compete against each other. The world champion is determined based on the classifica wta.

Frequent tennis live amateur competitions are held in different parts of the world. Majority of people play tennis for recreation and most of them are amateurs. The international tennis governing body is the International Tennis Federation located in London, England. Professional tennis live tournaments on the other hand are held for professional tennis players. Players participate in tennis live grand slam events and also major tournaments like Fed cup for professional women players. The male tennis playersand#146; tennis live grand event that is equivalent to the Fed cup is the Davis cup also referred to as Coppa Davis in Italian. The Davis Cup and the Fed Cup annual tennis live competitions between national teams are governed by the International Tennis Federation. The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) governs menand#146;s tennis live events except the grand slam tournaments. The Women Tennis Association (WTA) governs the women professional tennis.

The Fed cup started way back in 1963; countries play against each other throughout the year in contests known as ties and the winning country advances to the next level. Davis cup and Fed cup competitions involve four single matches and one doubles match. The world Tennis Champions in both the male and female categories can be determined based on the Fed cup tournaments for women and the Coppa Davis for men. Outstanding tennis players have come up; young talents are setting the world records for example Novak Djokovic a young tennis player who is ranked as the world champion by the Association of Tennis Players. He is a Serbian nationality. Similarly, tennis Italiano as well has a wide range of outstanding tennis players both men and women who have greatly participated in various tennis tournaments across the world. The most notable trend in tennis is the increased participation of women in professional tournaments.


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