Landmark Solar Panel Installers

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Landmark solar panel installers are based in London. They have years of experience in installing solar in and around the capital.

They have installed solar panels for many commercial properties as well as residential clients. Most of their installations are done on roofs, but they also have experience of installing panels in gardens or on walls. This means that Landmark solar panel installers can install solar panels for properties other companies do not have the necessary experience for.

Why Landmark Solar Panel Installers Are a Good Choice

Landmark solar panel installers are well worth speaking to if you are thinking about having solar panels installed. They are MSC accredited, which means that the work they do and the materials they use are of a high standard. If you want to take advantage of the governments feed in tariff scheme you have to have your solar panels installed by a firm that is MSC accredited.

All of the engineers who work for Landmark solar panel installers are highly qualified and are regularly re-trained. Many of them have decades of experience of installing solar panels. New engineers are paired with experienced engineers to ensure that standards are high on all of their installations.

They are not only MSC accredited they also adhere to NAPIT, The Green Building Council and REA standards. Each Landmark solar panel installers installation is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Getting Advice from Landmark Solar Panel Installers

The other great thing about Landmark solar panel installers is that they are happy to give advice. They understand that getting solar panels installed is a big step for home owners or businesses. It does matter how many times they have to sit down with you and explain everything to you they will willingly do it. They explain how the feed in tariff works and help you to figure out how much money you can save with solar panels. They can also advice you about how to finance your solar panel installation. Some firms give you the hard sell and pressurise you into buying a system Landmark does not.


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