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SMS is synonymous with mobile phones. This nifty little feature of mobile environment has come a long way since its inception. Today, it is no longer the bastion of technology freaks and teenagers who generally use it to send and receive personal messages. SMS has slowly evolved into a full blown marketing platform, called Bulk SMS.

Below mentioned are some of the features of this contemporary and affordable mobile marketing solution.

1. It is designed for any type of business enterprises. Some of the suitable industries are; banks & financial institutions, stock brokers, real estate, healthcare and pharmaceutical and government organisations.

2. This technology is available in various avatars such as web application, standalone application and HTTP-API version.

3. The software that sends mass messages is user friendly and capable of sending more than 200,000 messages with the click of a mouse button.

4. It allows import of database files (list of mobile phone subscribers) such as CSV text files or excel files.

5. Supports multiple messaging formats.

6. Messages can be personalised. This creates goodwill amongst target audience.

7. Supports multiple languages.

Do you need to add emotion to your mobile based marketing campaigns? Need to tap regional customers in their local language? Fret not. There is a solution; Voice SMS.

Voice messaging is a mass communication technique which is also used for marketing goods and services. Typically, it allows marketers to send pre-recorded voice message to hundreds and thousands of customers. This form of SMS marketing is discreet and creates a strong bond with the target subscribers.

Below mentioned are some of its salient features.

1. It is discreet. Once the voice message is received by the subscriber, he/she receives an alert.

2. A voice message carries immense emotion, unlike text messages which lack this essential feature.

3. Language barrier is not an issue with voice messages.

4. Unlike direct marketing which typically requires calling up potential customers, a voice based SMS can be sent without having to worry about the recipients’ reaction. It is also cheaper then voice call.

Bulk SMS Reseller is an entity that provides mobile marketing platform to end users. This entity typically ties up with SMS provider for various technologies, software and SMS credits. It is the job of the SMS gateway provider to work with the carriers so that you as a reseller can concentrate on building the business.

As a reseller your only task is to manage customers. It is your job to help businesses set up the right mobile marketing environment which includes selling SMS credits.

Salient features of reseller program/business.

1. As a reseller you will be provided with a readymade front end; for you and your customers.

2. You can customize this front end according to your needs; branding is possible.

3. You can create unlimited users.

4. This intuitive interface will provide reports of individual users.

5. Managing SMS credits. Re-credit of SMS back to your reseller account if the customer does not exhaust them by the end of the stipulated time.


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