Food to Avoid Stress

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Want to Avoid the Stress, It’s Food Consumption. The many problems experienced in life often make people feel depressed and even not infrequently also cause stress. Not only attack humans even young adults. However, to muffle some foods you can consume.

antidote to stress the following foods you need to know:

Studies show that when one feels has too much pressure, may simply result diasupnya levels of vitamin C are very low. Thus making it more susceptible to disease. Consumption of citrus fruit can help relieve stress as vitamin C in oranges is quite high. In addition to the high content of Vitamin C, oranges are also a source of folic acid that is great for physical growth, especially in adolescence.

Spinach is a rich food source of iron, calcium and vitamin A. Iron in spinach helps boost immunity and help develop cognitive functions during childhood such as assisting in the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes essential. Calcium, on the other hand, helps in the formation of strong bones and vitamin A is beneficial in reducing eye strain.

Water helps the working process of digestion and help avoid the stress conditions associated with kidney and constipation. It helps regulate and maintain body temperature. Water also helps several other functions in the human body associated with energy and performance. Keep your body well hydrated should be a priority of health and daily habits. When we are stressed, we tend to ignore water consumption so that the disease tends to appear. For that adequate water consumption, according to the activities and needs will help your body ward off stress.

Ideally, about 600 milligrams of calcium a day is a must for school children. Calcium is important for physical development in children, and help build immunity. For even adults need milk consumption to increase the amount of calcium in the body.

Eggs, milk and meat, is a protein the body needs, especially for meraka which is in its infancy. The ideal protein supply can improve muscle tone and help improve children’s physical, making it more active and fit.

Types of carbohydrates are good to eat there in the cereal. Low glycemic index carbohydrates that either allow energy reserves last a long time, so it can help your child stay energetic throughout the day.


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