Sms Gateway Provider in India – A Short Guide

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Cut throat competition has forced every business enterprises to look at newer and cost effective ways to sell their brands and services. Contemporary times demands trendy ways to promote goods.

Traditional methods are proving to be prohibitive and ineffective in many cases. Today, companies are looking for an alternative which is easy to manipulate, provides quick response and utilised as and when required without any prior commitments.

In such a scenario SMS or short message service has come as a blessing in disguise. Today, this mobile phone feature is exploited for marketing purpose. Gone are those days when SMS was just used to send quick updates to friends and family.

Today SMS has been replaced by bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS in India is typically used to promote and market products, send alerts and establish brand name quickly.

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a marketing tool. At the core of this technology lies SMS gateway.

SMS Gateway Provider in India offer several packages and options as per customers’ requirements. These entities lease gateways from mobile operators, which are used to send and receive marketing campaigns. These providers develop the front end, or a software with gateway coding embedded in it. These applications are then used to create a catchy marketing campaign which is send to thousands of target customers over several geographic locations.

Here is how the system works.

1. A provider either allows you to send your marketing messages through website with the gateway embedded in it. This can also be your own existing site. Typically, as a marketer or end users you have to buy your quota of SMS.

2. The next step is choosing the timing of your SMS. It makes sense to send these text marketing messages a little before you launch your product or service. Once the time is chosen the next step is to create your message.

3. Attach the mobile numbers of your target audience. The numbers can be picked up from the built-in database in the software or through a text file called CSV file. Microsoft excel program can also be used to send mass messages.

3. Click on the send button.

That’s it! You are done. In a matter of minutes your messages are send to innumerable customers creating instant recognition and awareness.

Group SMS is yet another way to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, business associates, customers and family. There are many websites that offer this facility. Some are free while some are network operator dependant.

The procedure is quite simple. Create your profile, verify the details, create your group and you are ready to communicate with the most advanced communication tool called the “SMS”.

This form of collective marketing ensures a personal touch; customers are excited when they receive such messages. They do not ignore or delete them without reading the content. It is a proven fact that advertising messages received by subscribers have more chance of getting read than an email.


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