4 Easy Pieces to the Puzzle of Life

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In the movie “Five Easy Pieces” starring Jack Nicholson, the main character worked on an oil field for several years after failing to realize his dream of being a pianist; a dream which his parents made for him. Robert dupea, Jack’s charcter, really doesn’t know what his purpose in life is. He continues running from his past, family and fears.

Trying to find out what we were created to do can feel like trying to put together a puzzle with all of the pieces spread all around the world. People that lack patience, desire or even are fear often fail to complete the puzzle. There are four pieces that you need to complete the puzzle of your purpose in life that are really easy to find.

The pieces really consist of the following:

1. Recognize your passions and talents

It may seem hard at first but this is one of the easiest and most familiar way for people to find out their purpose in life. So that’s we will start off with.

Having talents and passions will lead you to happiness, fulfillment and some times even money. You have to don’t have to dig too deep to find out what you have a passion for.

The following could help you narrow it down:

– Something that makes you smile and brings joy to others.

– Something people tell you, you should go pro at or do for a living.

– Something you have a enthusiasm and fire that keeps you up late at night.

– Something that can bring tears of joy to your eyes.

2. Reflecting on your past

Sometimes its difficult to reflect on our pasts. There are ample situations I would love to erase from my memory, but I believe it’s silly to do so. We could alternatively, use it to move us forward and to make sense of where we are now.

Reminiscing about past events could give us a sense of our existence and is in a way a piece of the puzzle:

– The conditions you were born into?

Maybe you were born in a rough neighborhood, or you grew up in poverty. It might be your purpose to overcome the difficulties you had in the past and inspire those around you.

– Something you failed in?

Failure is not trying at all. So if you tried then you succeeded in doing something that others may have not even tried. Failure is not final or permanent, it could be your purpose to go back and beat the game that beat you once before.

– Mistakes and vices your parents had trouble with?

Maybe your parents were constantly criticizing you, or had alcohol or drug abuse issues and society looked down on you because of it. You shouldn’t give up, your purpose is to break from that and show everyone that you can overcome the problems you had earlier in life.

– someone that affected you in a positive way?

If a teacher, friend, relative or even actor affected you in a positive manner maybe you should carry on their positivness to change your own life.

3. Four purposes that unite everyone:

1. Being as cheerful as possible.

2. Living life the way you want.

3. Changing the lives of others for the positve.

4. Leaving the world better than when we were came into it.

And yes to all the negative people: not everyone will carry out these purposes, but everyone could.

4. don’t procrastinate, LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW!

Today is guarnteed, tomorrow isn’t. What you do today is much more important that what your purpose is later on in life.

If you believe your purpose in life is to sing then you should get started now! Don’t wait life is way too short to plan and plan and then do nothing. Live everyday like it’s your last and that’s how you enjoy life to the fullest.


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