Natalee Holloway Book

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…on the island of Aruba caught the media’s attention and through a series of strange circumstances became a most perplexing tale, characterized by numerous twists, strange situations and unusual characters. We observed on nightly cable news broadcasts as the last three people seen with her told a lie about where they left her; and they persisted in that lie for
ten days after she had been seen leaving with them from a popular Aruban night club. We heard and watched as the missing girl’s parents and step parents tried to take the investigation into their own hands and heard them publicly and repeatedly accuse those three of heinous crimes, in spite of no evidence other than the circumstance of that initial lie. We saw an altered recording broadcast on national television, which changed a denial into an admission and now is the subject an ongoing lawsuit against the Dr. Phil show. And like the saying goes…”that’s not the half of it.”

After three years of speculation, unsubstantiated accusations and perhaps tunnel vision by case observers, law enforcement and the victim’s family, we are left with the reality that, while there was very suspicious behavior, there still is, “No Evidence of a Crime.” This can be said even in spite of recent events, which do give one pause for concern.

This book attempts to compile this very strange set of circumstances into a coherent accounting of what is known about this case.


This book covers the Natalee Holloway case like nothing else on the web. Over 1200 pages online – instantly viewable (with hundreds of photos, videos and interviews).  No Evidence of a Crime, by the noted writer, Jan Brennan, is the definitive work on this tragic story of a girl who went missing on a high school trip to Aruba in May, 2005.  No information has been omitted, including police statements, news accounts and personal observations from followers of the case. The entire book is ready for you to read online right now.


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