Lose weight by eating pizza

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When people start to think about dieting, they imagine the foods they think they have to give up if they wanted to lose weight, before they ever begin they feel deprived. On the contrary, a diet should not have to be painful to be successful. In fact, some people have found the pizza diet to be a successful weight loss program. The same way fast foods sub sandwiches have aided people lose a considerable amount of fat, this pizza diet has helped many striving to lose weight to drop a significant amount of pounds. It is mind boggling to realize that you can still lose weight while enjoying pizza. It is in fact possible to drop pounds while enjoying your favorite dish, every day of the week.

Portion control and calories

calorie and portion control are the real key to success for the countless people which the pizza diet has helped lose weight. You can still lose weight while eating all that you enjoy. Choose your favorite vegetable and cheese or lean meat pizza, and consume one or two average sized slices for dinner and lunch. Adding negative calorie snacks in between meals is advisable. These foods earn more calories through digestion than they actually contain. Some of the negative calorie vegetables to choose from are asparagus, spinach, carrots, teeny, and lettuce. Fruits that are negative calorie such as oranges, watermelon, pineapple, and cantaloupe are great for dessert. Some of these foods such as egg plant, spinach, and pineapple can be enjoyed on a pizza! It won’t spoil your diet if you order extra.

Healthy breakfast ideas for the pizza diet

it is not recommended to have pizza for breakfast on the pizza diet. An ideal breakfast can be compromised of a fruit salad containing chunks of cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew melon, and pineapple. You can also add an 8 ounce container of your favorite low-fat low-calorie yogurt. If you’re not much of a solid person, you can substitute it for a low-calorie fruit and yogurt smoothie by blending half cup crushed ice, have a cup of juice, half cup of yogurt and half a cup of fruit. This combination will help you make it to lunch time due to the fact that some of these are incredibly filling. They are ideal for any weight-loss program.

Ideas for lunch and dinner pizzas

it is highly recommended to have vegetables on your pizza as opposed to having meats and pepperoni, but it is ultimately your choice. Always have one or two slices, and a side of fresh vegetables. You should drink a cup of water with each meal, because it makes you feel more full. If you get hungry between meals feel free to have a negative calorie snack.


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