Short Code – Create Your Mobile Marketing Identity

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So what is bulk SMS?

It is a technology which allows marketers to send mass messages with a common subject matter to thousands of mobile phone subscribers. Mass messaging is a new and trendy form of advertising and marketing.

This platform is used for sending out product information, advertising campaigns, alerts and for other interactive services.

Advantages of Bulk SMS

1.    Sending mass messages requires minimum technical knowledge. It is a three step process which anyone can learn quickly.

2.    This platform is cost effective, providing instant results. For maximum response mass SMS’s are sent just days before a product or a service is launched. It creates a buzz, an excitement which is important for its success.

3.    New product and service alerts reach the target customers within minutes.

4.    It is not a localized advertising avenue. You can target even international clients with this form of advertising.

The software –

The software that is used to send mass SMS has an intuitive user interface. There are no complex windows or intricate environments. Just install it on the computer and you are ready to send mass messages.

Areas of application –

1.    Financial institutions and banks.

2.    Stock brokers and trading firms.

3.    Educational institutes.

4.    Entertainment industry.

5.    Health care and pharmaceutical companies.

Bulk SMS Service providers typically provide the software and SMS quota to send bulk messages. These service providers lease SMS gateways from mobile operators, develop the front end and offer them to the users. The applications that they develop can be embedded in any existing site. It can also be operated as standalone desktop software.

Below mentioned are the four ways this software can be used.

1.    Through providers website or your own online gateway.

2.    Through standalone desktop application.

3.    Embedded API.

4.    Via Excel to SMS gateway.

Typically these service providers offer large qualities of SMS to its customers, which can be ordered as and when required.

A Short Code is a type of identification number or address of a company’s mobile marketing platform. It is typically utilized for advertising and marketing purpose.

It is similar to mobile number but contains only 5 or 6 digits. Short codes work in conjunction with keywords. Together they give an identity to a company’s marketing gateway.

There are two types of short codes.

1.    Shared – Where several entities use the same number. They are individually identified by their keywords.

2.    Dedicated – Typically used by large businesses. It is costly and a company must file with the Common Short Code Administrator to decide between a random and a vanity short code.

Here is a typical example.

Imagine a television reality show, where it asks viewers to vote for their favourite contestant. They will send the following message.

VOTE to 757575.

If this is a shared code other advertisers will also use the identification number but with a different keyword. Here is another example; GIFT to 757575.


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