Frankie Avalon American Idol

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American Idol’s results show is cutting to seven, with Kellie Pickler and Flo Rida singing.

Randy says he was disappointed with last night–flat, and bad song choice. I totally agree. Kara says some people are really struggling; then they waste some time looking at what was going on the year Simon was born, 1959.

And then, surprise guest Frankie Avalon strolls out singing Venus! Most of Idol’s viewers have no idea who he is, but let’s just say he was like the Adam Lambert of his day. 🙂

Fox makes some really odd producing decisions — why Frankie?!

And even stranger, not only do they not recap the previous night’s performances — they don’t replay Adam’s “Mad World,” even though a lot of people never watched it on TV since the show ran 8 minutes over.

As for the guest performers, Flo Rida delivered a crowd-pleasing version of “Right Round,” and season 5 contesant Kellie Pickler, looking expensively styled but not sounding much different from her days on the show, sang her single, “Best Days of Your Life.” Frankie Avalon, a teen star from several centuries ago, started the hour singing “Venus,” a pop hit he’d sung in 1959, the year Simon was born. He was an American idol before


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