How to Proofread Your Articles

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You might write good articles, but if you do not proofread it properly, your articles might lose the race as no article attracts viewers if it is not correct in grammar, facts and the flow. Your article should catch the attention of the viewers by its sheer content and style.

When you start writing an article thoughts flow fast into your mind and you type your thoughts fast. When you read after finishing it, you will find lots of factual mistakes, incorrect sentence formation and rambling details, going round and round the same point. If you submitted your article with these errors, it makes the viewers irritable and you are thrust aside as a superficial writer. If you take efforts to proofread your article properly you can etch it into a readable content.

  1. You should first spell check for minor spelling mistakes and wrong punctuation marks. Your articles should be checked for wrong sentence formation also. Do not depend too much on the grammar correction software as I have found it to be not so accurate.

  2. See whether you have conveyed your thoughts properly so that it is easily understood by the viewers. When the viewers go through your articles, your first paragraph should state what your article is all about. When you feel that the message you want to say is not properly written in the beginning of the article and you have done it in the bottom of your article, you should instantly bring the message you want to convey to the top of the article.

  3. Do not proofread immediately after you have written the article. Your brain will be tired and you will fail to see the minor faults your article has. Keep aside your article for a few days and then proofread it. You will find that you have done lots of silly mistakes which would have escaped your eyes if you had done it right after you have written the article.

  4. If you have written articles which have lots of dates and places of any historical incidents, or any real life happenings, research again and again to see whether you have got all the facts correct. You wouldn’t want to lose your credibility by giving wrong facts.

  5. Read your article loudly to see whether the flow of your article is good. I prefer to read loudly as I am able to find mistakes which eluded me when I went through the article silently.

  6. If you are being elusive in your thought and if you feel that certain sentences or paragraphs are unnecessary for the content of the article, you must ruthlessly edit it.

  7. If you feel you have written long and lengthy paragraphs you must understand that it makes tedious reading for the viewers. Split the long paragraphs into smaller ones so that it makes easy reading.

  8. If you feel you have used bombastic words, replace it with simpler words as not all viewers are experts in English.

  9. Ask some other person to read your article and get a third person’s viewpoint. It will help you a lot in finding what others will think of your article.

  10. Finally see whether your thoughts are conveyed in an orderly manner. Is the point you want to convey conveyed properly, or are you jumping the details in a confused manner? One thought should lead to another in an orderly manner so that the viewers enjoy reading your article.

Proofreading is the essence of good article writing. It is no use if you write good articles, your English should be correct, your facts must be right, you should convey your thoughts to the viewers properly and all this can be done only if you proofread in a detailed and elaborate manner.


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