Diseases That Visits Every Time And Again

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Generation of disease (Part-I)

Diseases are like dis-ease-

Make everyone unease-

All on a sudden, then,

Some people are fleeing

Fleeing from deaths-

As people are dying-

No time to talk, but flying-

No one knows why

Heart attack or stroke-

Popularly called it a price

Is being paid for sins and vice

The causes were unseen

Not recognized

Now we got it, see it – Diabetic.

Gnawing with pain,

Fever, time after time-

Taking painkiller-

Sometimes feeling fine-

Others not in a mood or shine.

Again sometimes after,

Falling sick, lack luster-

And after a while dying-

Just walking as jack and Mick.

Doctors say it is for cancer-

For which medicines have less or

No answer.

Since the childhood –

Villages after villages-

Seen that vacated,

Hundreds and thousands died of diseases-

Once malarial fever spread like epidemic-

All left – All vacant.

Those who left behind are

Old and handicaps-

Fear of death and demise-

Bring about havoc and catastrophic

Impact on generations.

Generation of disease (Part-II)

Then comes the Tuberculosis;

People shorten its name –TB,

UN took steps to eradicate-long time ago,

Once it was vanished too, again we see got it

Though the number is a few.

With TB-

Man used to say you’d be back

Never be, never be.

All time coughing, and

Coughing like hell,

Difficult to breathe,

Difficult to sleep,

Be in hell with peers peep!

When it comes-

Again villages had gone empty.

Some survive, some leave country.

After a respite-

All careful steps are taken to be healthy and safe-

Inspite of-

Outbreak of pox.

It’s a full of pimples and pains-

All around the body-

Even beneath the under pants.

Sleep not-

Meet not-

Eat not-

Wait and pray,

As nothing to do,

Nowhere to go,

No other way.

Lucky that gets body back-

With scars on your body and faces,

Up to head.

Many years it was stopped happening –

Now it seems coming again-

Bring with it fear again.

Then came the Typhoid-

Brother, sisters,

Fathers and mothers-

All going on-

No mercy-

All in misery.

People falling.

Believers of traditional panacea, or,

Religious gurus,

Some took alternative medicines,

Some say all – worthless, all for sins.

Generation of disease (Part-III)

Villages began to be empty-

Vacating like a barren land

For fear and for future-

All looking wide open sky-

Fields of destruction

Miles after miles

Acres after acres

Harvests and paddy and wheat

Leaving unattended.

Time to seed

Left unseeded and bulls are standing still


Thinking its over-

It has just began- a plague-

People have been affected by

Contaminated water-

Cholera they say-

Life will be finished

Surviving no way!

Kith and kin are died in front of the eyes-

Yesterday walking

Today leaving.

Died after being feeble and declining-


No medicine working

Village after village screaming,

Running in a hurry away.

Cancer is understood-

But what is going on

Strange- it says ‘aids’.

That bizarre disease-

No one heard of before-

Scientists and researchers

Trying to conquering-

Day and night spending.

Some panacea claimed to be found

Some yet uncounted

Nothing are free you had to count the dollar or pound.

Yet, many generations have gone-

Generations of diseases running on and on.


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