Creating a Safer House With Non-Toxic Paint

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Green building, or also known as green architecture or sustainable building, are a concept and practice of making structures that emphasizes environmental-friendly and uses sustainable materials during the process. The objective of this concept is to reduce overall building development negative impacts on human health and natural environment. In order to gain those objectives, green building is focusing on using energy, water, and other resources efficiently, reducing waste such as pollution and environmental degradation, and also managing the effort to increase human health’s rate and productivity.

One thing that we can do to implement green concept to our home design is using a non-toxic materials for our house, such as non-toxic paint and sustainable house materials. Sometime we don’t realize about the danger of materials that we use when we build our home. Organic compounds or widely known as VOC’s are substances that jeopardize our health, especially when our house is not supported with good ventilations.

A result from EPA survey gives us a shocking fact informing that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, in more shocking is it polluted three times greater than the outdoor air. Reasons of why indoor air is polluted greater than outdoor air is because it is polluted from harmful substances that comes from paints that we use in our home. We don’t realize that these paints release toxic emission through our air even years after they are applied. We, then, unconsciously inhale the toxins. Toxins substances from these paints are commonly from variety of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). These toxins VOX are widely known as substantial materials in making paint. These toxins endanger the occupants’ health, especially for those who have allergic.

Nowadays, with the new standardization that comes from government regulation and customers’ demands, many manufacturers are now producing less harmful paints by introducing a low-VOC or even zero-VOC paints. With the new non-toxic paints, you can gain benefits and also increase your health’s rate. Some of the advantages that you can obtain from non-toxic paints are reducing the occupants’ health risks, especially people with chemical allergies, decreasing harmful substances that contain the landfill and groundwater, reducing costs. Those paints are also very easy to be applied and be cleaned.

We sometime don’t recognize the dangers that peeking us inside our own home until it’s being too late. Nobody wants to inhales polluted air for years and then suffer from those. The choice is in your hand, makes sure that you make the right choice for yourself. To protect your health and to reduce its negative impacts to the environment, make sure that your paints are made from natural raw ingredients such as natural mineral, water, and natural oils. Create your house as a comfortable as you can so that it becomes a safe environment for yourself, you family, and friends. Your act brings effects to preserve the world to become a safer world for everybody. Let’s safe house from toxic paints and makes it greener. By doing this, you already take part of being responsible to your life and to the environment around you.


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