What Are Directories?

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Directory Influence on Web Presence

In today’s technologically driven world, many are trying to establish an online presence to make extra income. However, with over 342340 million websites in existence in 2011 it is hard to bring the necessary traffic that you need.

Luckily, there are ways to target visitors to your website to increase your chances of exposure and gain the public attention that is required to have a successful business online. One key process to raise the volume driven to your sites is through the use of online directories.

What is a directory?

A web directory is a centralized location on the web that has multiple sites spread through an array of categories. When you submit your sites to a directory, you need to supply your URL, a description of your site, as well as a keyword to link to your sites.

How can directories benefit a sites?

Adding your websites to the available directories online can give you a huge boost in traffic and overall authority throughout the popular search engines. If you think of the internet as a vast series of roads, links to your website from directories are like exit signs redirecting users and search engine crawlers to your site. The more times your site is listed on different directories, the higher chance your site will be viewed.

You can also use directory submissions to drive targeted traffic to a targeted keyword. The more times a specific keyword is used to link to your websites, the more authority that keyword is given. Thus, when a user searches for that term in a search engine, you will have a higher chance to be seen.

How many directories should I list in?

This question is greatly debated amongst internet marketing experts, so in the end the decision is up to you. However, there are many directories on the web today that have no approved links for a long time and some that aren’t as reputable as other. Because of this, it is advised that you do research on the directory before submitting your link. A quick 30 second search can save you a lot of time if you find the directory to be disreputable or inactive.

While it is a time consuming and labor intensive process to submit your sites to directories manually, it will eventually pay off. As the submitted sites gains more and more accepted directory listings it will continue to add search engine benefits to help drive more visitors to yourwebsites.


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