Homeschooling: A Plausible Alternative

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I am big on establishing a good education for my children, and I know that whether children are homeschooled, placed in private school, or are in the long list of public school attendees parent’s involvement is key to children’s success. Both of my children attend public school and while I am not always happy with school policy, I nonetheless see what the socialization with other kids their ages bring to the table. With both of my children being successful in school I see no reason to pull them from the system to homeschool. On the other hand I homeschool one of my nephews for my brother and his wife.  It was a difficult decision for the two of them and rightly so, the concern of whether or not he will fall behind weighed heavily on their mind and it should as education is a key to success. Of course, with what their son was experiencing it came down to whether keeping him with a teacher that was not playing a good role in their son’s life it eventually came down to whether or not he was in a classroom that offered mental well-being for the child. 

Through research on the great wide world of the Internet his parents found a wonderful homeschool program that is absolutely free of cost, but offers an effective and worthwhile education for children falling into the homeschool category. Connections Academy offers a great program in which they include necessary textbooks, workbooks, guidance manuals, and supplies for each student.  As well there is support for parents or learning coaches through the online system. The online system is easily navigated and offers a great form of teaching for the student and the learning coach. On top of this each student is assigned a teacher who keeps regular contact with the household and the learning coach. Now for those that worry about the socialization with other children–Connections Academy meets that need as well through Live Lessons in which children can participate and field trips that offer the ability to meet other students and the teachers.

The moral here is that no matter your ability in any subject you can still effectively homeschool your children. There are places that can offer a system that will work well for you. My advice is to do your research–search what is what in your area, check with your school board and your state’s department of education. Times have changed but the art of homeschooling is still alive and very effective. The role of a learning coach is to be the teacher and the helpmate, but it is also about not having to walk this line alone.


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