Ufc on Fox: Junior Dos Santos Ko's Cain Velasquez in The First Round

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The two men step into the ring after thirty minutes of commentary from Brock Lesnar, Dana White, Joe Rogan and the other normal UFC announcers. Cain Velasquez comes into the ring with a black DETHRONE shirt on his back. He is here tonight to defend his UFC Heavyweight championship against Junior dos Santos. The fight is scheduled for five rounds of championship fighting which are five minutes long each. There were other fights live from Anaheim, California, but we did not see these fights on FOX TV. Dos Santos is from Brazil and Velasquez if from Yuma, Arizona, but fights out of Santa Fe, California.

Round One-The two fighters meet in the center of the ring and touch gloves. Cain Velasquez works the legs of dos Santos and tries to take him down. Dos Santos stays away and comes in with a powerful right hand. He pounds Cain Velasquez out with punches on the ground and wins the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

The one shot KO power really made the difference in this fight. He hit Cain Velasquez in temple and pounded him out with three powerful left hands, followed by three powerful right hands. Cain Velasquez turned his head and big John McCarthy was forced to stop the fight.

Junior dos Santos is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. Bruce Buffer announces the decision; 1:04 was all it took for Junior dos Santos to KO Cain Velasquez. Junior dos Santos does not know what to say. He is very happy about this fight and the victory. Junior dos Santos said before the fight if you are a good person and your work hard, good things happen to you. Good things happened to Junior dos Santos tonight; he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. It looks like the great heavyweight fighters have disappeared from the boxing world and now fight in the UFC. The UFC on FOX was fast and furious, but it was a success and the fight was awesome for Junior dos Santos. The UFC has so many young and good heavyweights which will keep this division exciting for many years. Brock Lesnar is trying to work his way into another title fight and he was hoping Cain Velasquez would have won this fight.


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