Mac Vs PC – The Eternal Battle – Which Is Best?

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There are some basics that one should be aware of when discussing PC vs. Mac. A PC is in general term a personal computer, just as a Mac is a personal computer. Mostly, when people talk about Mac vs. PC, they talk about the Mac software vs. the Windows software that runs on a PC So just a little basic; a PC is a piece of hardware that is made by several vendors. It is equipped with an operating system (OS). Most common is one from Microsoft, like Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. Another popular operating system is different distributions of Linux. A Mac, on the other hand, is a hardware made by Apple Corp. with an operating system called OS X also made by Apple. In my discussion, I will discuss the PC with software from Microsoft vs. the Mac. Microsoft became the world’s biggest software vendor quite early in the company’s carrier. They had a pretty simple operating system called MS Dos. It was not even a good OS. But Microsoft did their business well with a lot of hardware partners that created the PC. At the same time, Apple had success with their making of their hardware and software – the Macintosh. At that time, the Mac had a mouse and graphical software, but the PC was not graphical in its UI and it did not use a mouse. Later, in the early 1990s Microsoft also started creating a graphical UI with Windows 3.x and later Windows 95. No doubt Microsoft was years behind the Mac in usability. But Microsoft was also the dominant leader in the market; Apple was just a niche player. Fifteen years later, things have changed, and the Internet is the main reason. Microsoft success in the 90ies was based on the client server technology. The internet has opened barriers and more and more systems can work through a browser. That does not bind companies to standardize on one specific client technology. Apple is no longer a niche player; the company is even bigger than Microsoft in value as of today. And private homes and businesses are considering whether they will use a Mac or a PC. Both systems should work – if not one could argue there is something wrong with the system. One Apple advantage is that they create both the hardware and the software. This makes it easier to ensure that everything works well. Microsoft creates the operating system and the above software and has to rely on that the computer vendors that create drivers to their hardware; which works well with the software. It can be just as good as the Mac but it can obviously also be worse. How about usability – user friendliness? The Mac has always been graphical, and the windows operating systems from windows 95 up till today’s windows 7 has always been some steps behind the Mac (some might argue this is a little subjective statement). The Mac is known to be more user-friendly, and “it just works” is one statement that goes around. Speaking of price, the Apple is known to be more expensive. When comparing PC with equivalent hardware and the cost of the Windows OS with a Mac, at least Apple would argue that it is reasonably priced. Since there are so many hardware vendors that create a PC, this market has more completion and will probably always be cheaper. At least there will always be cheaper PCs at sale. The discussion of open vs. proprietary is a difficult one. It’s also discussed a lot between people who has vague ideas about openness. The PC is more open in the sense that the Operating system you buy can run on a huge set of different kind of PCs from different vendors. If you buy a Mac OS X you have to run it on a Mac. Other than that, openness is about being able to share and receive in an open fashion. The Internet has had great impact on the subject of openness. Today, both the Mac and the PC understand auxiliaries equally well. Cell phones, Printers, Cameras, etc. all works well on both systems. Legacy systems; this is the biggest obstacle for the Mac and has always been. In the days of the client server technology, all systems were created for the operating system. And since MS was the market leader all systems was first and in most cases only made for the PC. This made it impossible for enterprises to choose no other than the PC. Since Internets arrival in the late 9-ties there has been a paradigm change. And now a long decade later, a lot of these clients based systems are switched into internet based systems that works through a browser. Many businesses still have to use MS. MS office with its Outlook as well as MS SharePoint are systems that bind enterprises to the PC world. In the private consumer market, this is not such a big problem. I would argue that there is no such thing as being best here. It’s a subjective statement who is better. Usability and time spent on trouble might in the end be the most important for the choice. I would say that the Mac has an advantage at this point. A binding to client systems or legacy systems is another important issue especially for enterprises. On the other hand, PC has an advantage due to historical reasons described above.


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