How to Use Jing (Downloading, Installation And Video Capture)

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In our technology dependent world today, the internet and technologies based on it play a vital role in the development of communication in our daily lives. One such development is the way we deliver information about certain topics or give solutions to problems related to the internet and its applications; not only delivering such message but also storing it for mass distribution. Tools to generate and store informative data through videos and images had made this a possibility. One particular tool would be the Jing application. Jing is a free screen capturing tool that enables you to create visual tutorials of setting up an application and maneuvering it or even just creating an ordinary video of a person giving a speech within a duration of 5 minutes. It is a specialized application that allows you to record a video or capture an image straight from your computer. It even allows you to integrate applications such as PowerPoint to present your video better and more elegantly. Jing is developed by Tech Smith, the same company responsible for the development of Camtasia, which is for purchase though it allows you to record videos longer than 5 minutes. Now let’s start downloading Jing and installing it. First visit the Jing website by keying in In the homepage, you will see download tabs for either Windows or Mac OS X. Choose the appropriate OS installed in your PC. For Windows, it should be Windows XP or higher. After saving the setup file to your computer, open it by double clicking on the set up icon. A pop-up window will appear to launch the application. Make sure to select the Run button to begin the installation process. Tick or click on the “I Accept the Fine Print” button and then click on Install to have the installation continued. You can also check the Options tab to suit your initial preferences for your Jing set up. The necessary files needed to run the application will now be uploaded to your computer; this will take a few minutes. Click on the Finish button when the installation has been completed to close the set up window. After the installation a pop-up window will appear to inform you about providing feedback for the application. You can either check the “Sure, I’ll Help You Make Jing Better” button or uncheck it. Then click the Continue button to proceed with the setup process. An account setup window will require you to type in a valid email address, username and password. Click on the Continue button to finish the registration process. You will automatically have a account upon completion of this registration, where you can store or upload your captured videos or images online. Now that is has been completed another window will appear to inform you that the setup process is complete. Just select the OK button to begin with the screen capturing. The Jing icon which is an image of a sun will appear at the top of your computer screen and in your system taskbar. Now you are ready to use the Jing application to create videos. Mouse-over the sun and three little rays appear. The option with the cross-hairs is Capture. This is how you start your capture. The option in the middle is History. Copies of your captures are located here. And the option with the two gears is More , where you can change your settings or exit your application. For more information on how to use Jing, you can always go to the JingProject website and click on the Help Center. From there you can access how to use Jing through the Get Started option. Begin by clicking on Capture. Then select an area of your screen to capture using the cross-hairs to select a particular region: since we are trying to create a video, click on the tab for Video. Use a microphone if you wish to use narration in the video. These videos are only limited to 5 minutes in length, so keep it brief yet clear. Once done, click Stop. You’ll have a chance to watch a preview of the video and decide if you will store it or not. If you intend to keep the capture, you can rename it by typing one next to the Name section at the bottom of the preview window or proceed directly to saving the file. You could save the image to your computer or you can also upload it in your account. Using gives you a convenient link which is copied to your clipboard. This allows you to paste the link into chats, emails, and instant messages. If you choose to save it to your computer system, a pop-up window will appear saving the file in a “SWF” format; though you’ll need to have Adobe Flash player installed in order to successfully play this file type on your computer system. And that completes the screen capture for videos. You have successfully captured and saved a video file. You can always go to the History button on the Jing sun icon if you want to view your video again. Have the ability to demonstrate operations, tell stories or give information and share it with others through Jing’s sophisticated application. Enjoy creating more videos with Jing.


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