The Dangers OF Plagiarisms

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Two class of people have I discovered in this life, firstly, those who are creative ,innovative and are looking for any possible means to bring any ideas, thought and views into action. Then the secondly, those who are parasite, they are lazy and lack the personal initiatives to make things happen. This in turn, left with the option of copying, imitating and stealing ideas or work which they are not the originator or author.

Any form of stealing, copying, editing or reselling other peoples ideas, views or jobs without the permission of the originator or author is known as plagiarism. It is done in many forms but whatsoever the case may be, it is very bad and it is punishable by law!


(1).Direct plagiarism.

This is any criminal act of copying, editing or stealing others persons effort or jobs without the consent of the author. In this type of plagiarism, the people boldly publish, sell, distribute or display another person’s jobs or products with out a legal permission from the author or producer. In this case, the person does not even pretend or deceive her/him self by taking a particular portion of the job.

(2) Indirect plagiarisms

This is also any criminal act of partially copying, editing, displaying or distributing another person’s job or effort without the consent of the originator or author.

In this case, the person or persons may deceive his/herself by taking part of the job say 10%, 20% -50% of people’s efforts thinking that it will not be shown! Thank God for and other copy proof sites which are out there to catch those thieves who like to reap were they don’t sow

Consequences of plagiarism.

(1) it attract legal punishment

Those who are caught with such act are always punish by the law enforcement agencies. And in most countries, it attracts imprisonment.

(2)  It leads to shut down of site.

(3)  It attracts deformation of characters or bad reputation.

(4)  It makes one lazy.

Having understood the consequences of plagiarism, it is advisable that the right approach should be taken to avoid engaging in such a criminal act.

One need to be creative, but not by copying peoples effort or ideas. And it is understood that the major causes of plagiarism are:

(a)  Lack of grammatical structure.

(b)  Laziness

(c)  Lack of personal initiatives

(d)  Over dependence on for materials

No matter what the case may be, plagiarism is a very bad act. And the only way to avoid it is to write things that are interested to you. The basic thing is that you should be motivated by something around your environment, before you can write any thing and when you do that, your work will totally look different from others. Finally one thing to be rest assured is that there is a lot to advantages attach to one whose jobs has no trace of plagiarism!


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