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Survey taking is one of the best internet growing businesses in the world today! You can imagine if you are asking to share you opinion at the comfort of your home and get paid. Many companies all over world today are always happy when they see people discussing about their product or services, because it help them to evaluate their performances. Millions of dollars has been spend annually by most firms who are interest in knowing how people react with product and services.

Survey taking is very good, it makes one to be close to cash, and not only for the purpose of getting reward. But also make one feel among especially, when you saw your opinion taken to improve a product or services.

Back in the days, many people usually register with survey companies  in their localities and their survey forms is sent to them either by poster mail or courier services, but with the help of information technology, that of poster mail has been a thing of the past.

One can earn a good living by taking survey especially if you are honest and you don’t have any trace of deceits. There are a lot of survey companies online where one can register and share his/her opinion and get paid. Most survey sites pays $1 to $50 for any survey taken .but it has been understood with dismayed that fraudsters has join this trace. But the basic truth is that no survey firm will ever require investment fees, sign up fees or maintenance fees from you, because you are exchanging your skill for their money. So you don’t have to pay them for their tricks.

Below are the listed of tested and trusted survey sites online.

Top ten survey sites

(1)  Opinion place.


(3)  Opinion outpost

(4)  My view

(5)  My point

(6)  Survey head

(7)  E- reward

(8)   Hot spex

(9)   Pinecone research

(10)  Harris poll online

These are the best online survey sites for now. To get their web address, you can copy and paste in your Google search engine. Remember that there are a lot of fraudulent sites online, you better be wise so that you don’t loose you hard earn money.


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