How Much Does Beckham Earn?

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What ?? Come Again!!!

Not many of us had heard about a little known Mexican club Xoloitzcuintles Tijuana ]before today. Tijauana, the small Mexican border city famous for variety of reasons, none  especially relating to football, have shot into footballing limelight by making an audacious bid to sign the 36 year old former England captain ,David Beckham.

Money Money Money


The owner, Jorge Alberto Hank is prepared to offer Beckham 1 million pounds a month,plus a private jet to ferry him to and from a €3m house they would provide for him, when his contract runs out with MLS team LA Galaxy on November 20th. This would make Beckham, who is the world’s richest footballer, one among the top earners per week, in terms of weekly wages, alongside Lionel Messi of Barcelona,Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Carloz Tevez of Manchester City. But even whining old Carlos couldn’t get  a jet  from the Sheikh!!!. Poor Carlos!. It would probably would have made him report for training in time back from home , than being AWOL. From the club’s perspective, such a transfer coup will surely be one of the biggest ever transfer shocks and David Beckham still has it in him to put the small Mexican club on the global radar. And we all know that he still can curl it like very few in this world. So purely a win- win situation which every fan of Xoloitzcuintles Tijuana would dream of happening.

Footballing Sense

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Of course the move would not make any footballing sense at all, not also forgetting the fact that Posh would not want to move away from the US. David Beckham who has also made it clearly evident that he wishes to play for Great Britain in the London Olympics will be better off joining French big spenders PSG, who still remain favourites to sign him. Another option closer to home could be a move to Tottenham Hotspur in January and return to the Barclays Premier league.

But one thing has been certain with David Beckham- ‘Expect the Unexpected’. No one 3 years ago would have imagined him moving to the MLS. But the move happened and Beckham has had a decent stint there. So though this looks like another wild tabloid rumour , the past has taught us this – ‘Never bury any rumour when it has David Beckham’s name attached to it’ .


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