Meanings Behind The Songs Michael Jacson

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1. It does not matter whether you were black or
White (Black or White) Every day in the world, people fight
fighting over something. Issues of race, ethnicity,
religion or culture, making us split.
Have not counted how many victims of human
result of war either directly or indirectly
directly. Supposedly, no matter whether we are black or white, we unite and love one
each other as human beings. Humans are born
different from each other rather than to compartmentalized
box, but to appreciate each other.
2. Start with the person in front of the mirror (Man in
The Mirror) Have you ever thought to change the
other? Or even think your life will be much
better if the environment around you changes
according to what you imagine. Our world
not perfect, but if you want
change, you must start with yourself. Look in the mirror and ask
in person at the front of the glass to
to change. Only that’s the only way. If we
want to make this world a better, see
on ourselves and make a change.
3. Heal the world (Heal The World) As quoted in his song, “There are people dying if you care enough”, When that moment people are not aware of the issue of warming
Globally, Michael was the first to call for
This global warming issue. Now depending
all of us to improve this world of
global warming, poverty, disease,
education and other issues that bother us. It is our only concern is
will make the world a better place for
our grandchildren someday and mankind in
a whole.
4. You are not alone (You Are Not Alone)
The experiences and sufferings that you experienced are not much different
with other people. There will always be
help, support and love to you,
even if you currently do not have anybody.
If you read this article now, it means
you’re getting the support and encouragement.
5. Do not stop till you get enough
(Do not Stop Til You Get Enough) Michael won an outstanding achievement
in his life. His achievements as
endless journey. But the key
success is, he does not stop, he
worked very hard. One thing we learned
from Michael, if you want something you can have it as long as you are keen
and work hard to achieve it,
get on your efforts and never
to stop.
6. We are the world (We Are The World)
As often as we might think that we are the world, then we will not feel lonely. A-
the only way we achieve prosperity is
if we work together. One person
suffers then we all suffer, one person
grieving, we all grieve. We all
connected with each other as human beings, so if there is one person injured, has been
becomes our responsibility to help him.
As quoted in his song, “We are the world, we are the children and we are the ones WHO Make
A Brighter Day, so let’s start giving. “7. They do not see you as I do (Ben)
That everyone has a positive side. Do not
see sseorang only from the negative side only.


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