Things to do in Barcelona Spain

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Spain is one of the beautiful countries in the world and a favourite destination of tourists. Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain, situated on the Mediterranean coast. It is worldwide known as one of the main cities in term of tourism, education, arts, media and entertainment. It has a rich history and glorious cultural heritage. If you are searching for perfect and dynamic destination to spend holidays, Barcelona may be the best choice due to its Mediterranean climate, dry conditions and mild temperatures. It has many beautiful places to see and explore.

There are many exciting things to do in Barcelona Spain. Barcelona offers a vast range of enjoyment activities. It is a perfect place for activities like air balloon riding, helicopter riding, parachute jumping, and exclusive pleasure-seeking experiences. This city has a diverse range of hotels, which have deluxe rooms, fabulous swimming pools, mini shops and coffee shops. The city is also full of amazing landscapes and beautiful mountains. It offers plenty of opportunities to the designers, artist and antique lovers. It has flourishing fashion and design industry. The annual fair in Barcelona is La Fira, which has organized various fairs and shows. The Cathedral Sagrada Familia is one of the best places to visit. In fact it is one of the most visited places. It presents famous architecture of Antonion Gaudi, which depicts the life of Christ and those who were close to him. The famous Picasso’s museum is worth watching.  The city also consists of beautifully designed architectures, which the tourists would certainly like to see. If you are a sport loving person especially football, the city has plenty of opportunities for you. You can visit the Barcelona FC museum to enjoy.  You can also enjoy city tours like Gothic city or Spanish cooking in Barcelona. There are many dining options in Barcelona. You can taste wonderful and experimental cuisines of Barcelona. This region has some of Spain’s most stunning beaches. Barceloneta is one of the longest and oldest beaches. Nova Icaria is another place near Barceloneta, which is composed of three beaches. If you are fond of watching marine creatures, Barcelona has the Europe’s largest aquarium.

Barcelona is the ultimate place for those who wish to experience the enlightening tour of their lifetime. It has everything that a tourist would expect like beautiful landscapes, splendid beaches and some shopping malls. It is one of the most loved tourist destinations undisputedly. It has a huge variety of stuff that a person visit once will always want to revisit.


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