Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

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Beautiful face or body makes appearance good and improves personality. Good appearance means a lot and it makes life happy. Some people have unwanted hairs on any part of their body. Because of hormonal level or due to genetics reasons, unwanted hairs grow on the upper lips and arms of women. It can also happen due to illness and using drugs. This unwanted grow of hairs on face or any visible part of body embarrasses a woman every time. This reduces her self confidence and people make fun of her. But these unwanted hairs can be removed permanently from almost any part of the body by electrolysis. Electrolysis is one of the best, popular and most efficient techniques of hair removal. It has more advantages than the other hair removal methods.

It was first used by Dr. Charles E. Michael in 1875 to remove an ingrown eye lash of a patient. Since then it has been developed to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body excluding inside area of nose and ears.

To perform electrolysis a fine needle called an epilator is inserted into hair follicle and a gentle electric shock is passed. This electric shock destroys the follicle by heat or chemical action or by both. Thus hair can never grow again. Frequent sessions of electrolysis are required for complete and permanent hair removal. The number of sessions may differ depending upon the quality and quantity of hairs of a person. These sessions are carried out on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Electrolysis is the sole technique of permanent hair removal and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association. It has no major side effects contrary to other methods including bleaching and waxing which can cause irritation, pain and even permanent discoloration of skin. So it is better and safe option. The latest Laser Hair Removal technique has a very limited scope and is restricted to light and fair skinned people with dark hair, because it only destroys the pigment. People with light hair and dark skin can not achieve results by Laser Hair Removal Method.

Electrolysis hair removal cost and time consumption are the negative points of this procedure. It is unaffordable for many people because one hour can cost from $25 to $100. It consumes so much time that a least 30 hours are required for removing the hairs from upper lips, depending upon the expertise and speed of the Electrolysist. Because of its expensiveness and numerous time consuming sessions, it is only recommended for small area like face. Larger areas like legs and chests may cost you both money and time. But apart from all this, it is still the most preferred, safe, permanent and less painful method of hair removal.


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