Small, Dark Phobia

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I am not sure what has made me fear small places. I have had claustrophobia — the fear of small dark places — for as long as I can remember. Somedays I wish I knew the reason so I could overcome my fear.

Claustrophobia is a real fear. Some people may not understand why others are extremely afraid of small, dark places, but it is a real, sometimes extremely real, fear. A few people who have this fear may know why they have it. Other people who have it don’t know why they have claustrophobia, because their subconscious hides it from them to protect them in a way.

The reason I have this fear is unknown to me. I have had it since childhood. All I can conclude is something that happened to me in childhood has given me this fear. My subconscious is protecting me from seeing the reasoning behind my claustrophobia. At the same time my subconscious is hindering my climb to deal with the reason behind my fear. The reason, or cause of, my fear must be something awful if my subconscious is not allowing me to overcome my fear and view what made me this way.

Someday I hope to overcome my fear of small, dark places, but until then my subconscious is protecting me. My subconscious is keeping me safe from whatever evil happened to me in childhood to cause my claustrophobia. I want to know the reason or cause behind it, but am I really, truly ready to deal with it? If it wasn’t for my subconscious protecting me from the childhood evil cause of my fear, would I still be where I am at today or would I be in a dark, disastrous place tumbling further and further downhill?

Claustrophobia — the fear of small, dark places. It is a real fear. Some people have this fear from something bad that has happened to them. A few have it just because they have it. Fear is real. Maybe it’s a fear that is protecting the person from a bigger, a more horrific fear or event that happened in their past. My claustrophobia stems from some childhood evil, which at the moment is unknown and hidden in my subconscious.


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