Mac And PC

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One of the most common threads being done on the computer world is a “Mac and PC.” Manufactured by Apple Macs, is often used in the design world, a PC (running Windows) has dominated most of the business world. When you look at two of the graphic design work that focuses on the development of graphics, color and type, software availability, and ease of use.

Graphics, color and type

Manipulation of graphics, color and type is an important part of a job as a graphic designer. Because of the long history of Apple to be “the computer designer,” they focused on improving their management of colors and fonts, especially when switching from the screen and files for printing. If you had to choose between a Mac and a PC on this factor alone, Apple has the advantage. However, even on a PC. For Web design, no one wins, however, be sure to have access to both operating systems to test your sites on all platforms.

Mac and PC software

With regard to graphic design, there is no significant difference in the software for your Mac or PC. All major applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, developed for both platforms. Because the Mac is often regarded as a computer designer, practical tools and applications Mac-only. In general, there is more software available for PC, especially if you’re focused on particular area, the games or 3-D rendering (like architecture).


Apple is clearly focused on ease of use of their operating system, with each release of new features that improve the user experience. Their involvement in the program to another allows a workflow clean. Although this is most evident in consumer applications such as iPhoto and iMovie, will continue through the tools and third-party products. Although Microsoft has improved the user experience of Windows operating system, Apple’s board would give the ease of use.

Conclusion Mac and PC

In general, “Mac” mentioned in the same sentence as “graphic design”, and rightly so for their excellent graphics and capabilities of the police, and usability. The downside of Apple used to be the price, but if you want a Mac and are tight on budget, consider the iMac “consumer” level, which is powerful enough for the tasks of design, or model renovated. In the end, especially when you start, it will probably do as well with a PC. With some smart shopping, you can have a powerful for less money than a Mac and want to use the same software design … your creativity and not the price of your computer that will determine the outcome of your work.


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