Cool Toys And Gifts For Christmas: 3 Awesome Toys For Your Shoppping List

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It’s no secret that kids are pretty darn faddish.  They always want the latest tech, the best-selling video game, the newest app, etc.  Needless to say, there are a lot of toys that wind up in this category, too – toys and gifts that have temporary rather than long-lasting appeal – especially when the holidays start approaching.

Still, there are some toys, however, that are just ultra-cool.  There are some games that just possess a wow factor that sometimes defies explanation. Often we know them when we see them, but that’s not always the case.   Regardless, here are three toys that I think you’ll be hearing a lot about as the holidays get closer.

  1. Air Swimmers Remote-Control Flying Shark – Really, the name says it all.  Do you really need to hear anything else to know that this toy is cool to the 10th power?  First of all, remotely controlled toys have always been in-demand items.  There’s just something seductively appealing about being able to give commands (“Come hither… Go thither…”) that are instantly obeyed.  And to be issuing those commands to one of the fiercest predators on the planet?  How awesome is that?  And finally, combining those first two elements with the majesty of flight just gives you a toy tailor-made for popularity.
  2. Fijit Friends – A snuggly little doll-like toy that will probably make your Christmas list if you have a young daughter.  Figit Friends are fun, interactive toys that talk, dance and more. They also come equipped with voice-recognition technology and pre-programmed phrases and responses.  Expect this one to be a holiday best-seller.
  3. Power Wheels – As long as you don’t mix up gender – say, buy a Barbie car for a boy – you really can’t go wrong purchasing one of these kid-sized powered vehicles for your little tikes. They’re manufactured to go safe speeds (primarily between 2 and 5 miles per hour), so parents need not worry much in that regard.  And kids love them, probably because – in addition to providing the grown-up experience of driving – even toddlers know that almost anything beats walking.

In retrospect, there are bound to be a lot of toys and gifts that seem worthy of your attention (and your wallet) this holiday season.  However, only a few are really going to be standouts – several of which have been noted here.  While we’ve noted only a few of them, you may rest assured that there are plenty of others as well. 


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