How to Have a Low Cost Holiday This Year

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In this kind of economy, we’re trying our best to save and that will also be the case for the holiday. You can take off about several thousands if you plan a low cost holiday. You can sure use that money to start off the New Year if you don’t have a job. The economy is still bad and there are many people that are unemployed and looking for every way to save money. If you get into the habit of saving money, it will always be good for you.

 Planning to travel will be very costly. You can spend thousands of dollars on things and tickets so staying in your home town are a smart idea if you want to save this holiday. You can put off the trip for years to come when you have more money or a job. It’s still sad but there are many people out there who are still unemployed and just don’t know what to do with the jobless thing. I have to say that you have to try other industries if you can’t find work in your industries because staying with one career at all time is risky in this kind of economy.

I have seen people on the news saying they can’t find work in the IT industry, well there are a million other industries that you can apply your skills toward like guest service, sales, office work, etc. you can’t be too picky when there are no job and you need money. This is when saving for a rainy day comes in. we all need to save for a rainy day. Diversification is the key in life. You will always need plan B and C. I worked in as many as 5 different industries. I work in the healthcare field but I can also work in the entertainment or beauty industries. I’ve done a lot and will do anything as long as it’s a job and people will hire me. You must have this kind of can do attitude. If you pick, you will lose out on great things in life. We are not just capable of doing just one thing. We are capable of doing many things at once. We are multi-talented people. Back to saving for the holiday, you have to plan if you want to avoid those up to minute’s event that will cost you. Your friend might call and ask you to go to Vegas when you really needed that money for rent. You need to say no and say that you have other plans already. You can lie if you need to but it’s not a good idea to party down to zero dollars and lose your apartment.

No traveling

Traveling will put thousands of dollars on your cards. If you can’t afford it this year, you can save it for the years to come. In the recession, it’s alright to say that you need to save for a rainy day because we still have many more rainy days to come. I don’t see the economy getting better until another 5 years.

Don’t throw parties

Parties are costly. You might have to put out a grand to cater to all your family and friends so attend parties with people who can afford to have one but don’t throw one at home. You can have a mini party for your immediate family but put off everything else.

Attend parties

Why not attend parties in your community, church, college, office, friends? You will get to see your friends, have a good time, but you will save tons of money. You don’t always have to be the host.

No gift exchange

Gift exchange is just a hassle in this kind of economy. You should put off those fun events for next year and if you need to, you should re-gift.


Re-gifts are ok if the item is new or valuable or you can make at home. There are plenty of ways to save money on gifts. I have about a thousand items I can give away that I haven’t’ use yet so re-gift is a great idea too.

Attend low cost vacation

You can go to the beach, museum, community parties or events to save money. You can have a wonderful family get together at a local beach or park and save tons of money instead of dining out at an expensive restaurants or going to Vegas.

Shop the dollar store

The dollar store is a must if you are going to decorate your house or buy gift wraps. They’re the perfect place for your holiday saving. You just can’t get enough of the stuff that is on sales here. Even flowers for the holiday are for a dollar. Why would you pay more? You can get all of your cards here too. How about holiday drinks and snacks? They’re all here for a buck.


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