Colleges in Las Vegas Nevada

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UNLV is one of the most popular universities in Vegas and one of the best also, you can tell by the beauty of the campus and how happy students are here. UNLV is a great university since you can major in almost anything here but it’s easier to enter this college and also it’s not as competitive as university in other state like CA. if you’re into law school, medical school or dental school, UNLV is ideal since it’s not as competitive and you can enter this university with high hope. University in CA is very competitive and very hard to get in, which gives student a longer wait time sometimes. You might get in here faster which will give you more time to study. The university also has nursing as a major since nursing is so popular and so many people want to get into this profession. They have law school, which is wonderful since many people want to study law. They have medical school, with the practicing hospital as UMC, which is about 20 minutes away from the university located near Charleston and Las Vegas blvd.

Nevada state college

Nevada state college is also another great university in NV. It’s located near Lake Mead in boulder city. Boulder city is a very lovely city. You will love Boulder city. They have many demanding majors here too. If you like lower cost, and less challenges then this is the college for you. Although, it’s about 45 minutes away from the strip. It’s easier to enter here, and great if you’re just doing your undergraduate. They have nursing here too, a demanding major. I think state college is great for those that can’t borrow much and don’t have much money. This is also great for moms who don’t have much patience for challenges.

Reno University

Reno University is in Reno which is about 8 hours away from Vegas. They’re here and they’re great if you are majoring in something that is hard to enter in other state.


CSN is a community college, and a beautiful one too. You will love CSN. CSN has just about any pre-majors you can think of. It’s best to try out a community college before going to a 4 years to save yourself some money. Money is a tight thing for most people and in this kind of economy, when tuition skyrocketed. The courses are not that challenging and because of this, entry level freshman will get a chance to adapt to college environment and to succeed even better, and to gain more college life experiences before they really tap into their major. Testing the water is a great thing for any major so you don’t waste your time and money.


Kaplan also has training here for trades. You can sign up if you want to learn a trade to find a good job before you enter a major career. It’s great to test the working environment here. They have everything from the medical field to law. They also have online classes. The campus has many branches throughout the city, one on Sahara and flamingo.


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