Travel Guide to Las Vegas

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The weather in Vegas is horrible comparing to other states. We are over 100 degree on summer day and under 20 degree on a cold winter day. When you’re here, you will need proper clothing for the proper weather. You need cold clothing for winter and light clothing for the summer. You need comfortable shoes to walk since you will walk the strip and it hurts with heels. I learn this on one New Year.


Vegas can be costly if you don’t know much about it. You can get scam by strip clubs or even buying things inside the casino. Things inside a hotel or casino are about 40% higher in cost than things bought outside of the casino. They’re just trying to make money off of you, so try to pack by stopping by Walgreen or CVS on the strip on snacks or personal items or just water. Paying $4 for a bottle of water isn’t going to cover 20 of your friends.


We are not just casinos and hotels. We have plenty of site for the nature lovers here as well. How about camping out and hiking at Red Rock canyon in summerlin, just about half an hour away from the strip. You can rent a car and drive there or catch a cab or bus there. We have the fantastic great Canyon tour. You can book for a helicopter ride out there. It’s an enigma experience and you can stop at Lake Mead too while you’re there. Lake Mead is also another heavenly asset of Vegas. The lake is more than 100 miles wide and in length. You can rent boats, go jet skiing and much much more. You can actually rent a car and drive out there. You will be able to drive your car all the way down to the beach side, which is a great thing, and just chill or go swimming or wind surfing there. We also have Mr. Charleston, and you can go hiking, camping or snowboarding there in the winter. 


You can take cab from the airport to the hotels or buses or limo. You have to pay for all of them by the way, none are free. However, limo will cost more than bus or cab. You have to tip them too. I suggest a cab ride which will be faster and more convenient than a bus ride. Your wait time is very little since they will be sitting out there waiting for you.

Rip off

There are plenty of rip off in Vegas like strip clubs, or girls service that will come to your room. Unless you don’t mind paying $1000 for an hour dance, you should not call girls to your room, it’s cheaper to go to a large gentleman club. Strip clubs will make you pay tons of money if you ask the girls to go to the back with you. They will charge you at least $1000 for asking them to go to back so don’t ask anyone for a special dance in the back unless you have money to throw away. Gambling is a big rip off too since there are so many ways that they cheat customers and you will lose big time if you think that you can win unless you’re a pro.

Must do

You have to wine and dine in Vegas. Vegas is the capital of dining. You can have some fantastic dinner for under $20 at the buffet. Vegas is not Vegas until you have dine here. They do a pretty good job at the buffet, with food from most cultures. You have to go see shows here. We are known for fights like UFC, or Le Reve or cirque solei or Phantom of the Opera. How about dancing at a hot night club like Blush or Tryst or Rain or Studio 54? You will have a fantastic time dancing here.

Low cost hotels

There are plenty of low cost hotels around the strip and downtown if you don’t know. A lot of tourists from outside the US might not know too well if they don’t live here but since I’m a local I’ll tell you the sweet deals. The hotel cost in downtown Vegas will be as much as 60% less than the strip hotels so you can stay longer and have more rooms and the rooms are just as great. I think saving is better than indulging in luxuries if you are looking to save and have a great time, like for students and large family. Hotel might cost around $30  a night at some hotel in downtown like the Golden Spike or the Plaza or California hotel. Most of the hotels in downtown are low cost, I hope you take advantage of them or research the rate online and book them. You can take the cab or bus up to the strip and they’re just walking distance by the way and you can even walk so don’t worry too much about distance.

Renting a home

You can also rent a home here if you will be staying long and enjoy having a home instead of hotel rooms. You get more privacy and fun that way. You can check it out on craigslist and rent one. You should be careful and actually get contracts so you don’t get scam but Craigslist is a great site for travelers. They have all the hookups there.


I don’t think shopping on a vacation is a good idea unless you are from outside the US because it’s expensive to shop here. We’re not known for cheap shopping, even outlets prices are above $100 a piece. You should not shop here unless you’re desperate. However, you can still have a lot of fun enjoying fashion show mall or upscale boutique inside the casinos. We also have nearly outlets like the Prim on Las Vegas blvd going South to Blue Diamond.


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