Boulevard Bistro Game Tips And Tricks

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In your quest to revitalize all the Bistro Boulevard locations, you may need some help along the way. Here are five general tips and tricks that can help your game playing experience.

Boulevard Bistro Game Tip #1: Sell Extra Objects

Each time you open a new restaurant location in Bistro Boulevard, you’ll find that there are already tables, chairs and a few decorating items present. You can sell these at any time for the full price you would pay for them. Items do not lose monetary value as the days pass. So, if you need some extra cash for discovering new recipes, buying additional kitchen equipment or hiring additional chefs, consider selling extra objects you don’t immediately need. 

Boulevard Bistro Game Tip #2: Assign Chefs Duplicate Menu Items

You can actually assign two chefs the same recipe, which will cut down on preparation time for large parties. The trick here is to make sure you’re offering an item that fulfills multiple customer requests. For example, if customers want lettuce and tomato, you can assign two chefs to prepare the green salad.

Boulevard Bistro Game Tip #3: Take Time To Decorate

Tasteful, well-placed decorations in Bistro Boulevard restaurant locations can increase your customers’ patience level. You can unlock items with more decorating value as your star rating increases. Decorating is crucial, both in obtaining the decorating star and in receiving the coveted final “Perfect Day” star.

Boulevard Bistro Game Tip #4: Pace Seating Parties

It can be tempting to seat parties immediately after they make their way to the hostess desk. Pace seating customers so your chefs don’t get backed up on preparing orders. In general, wait approximately 5 to 10 seconds between seating parties. This will create a perfect workflow for both the waiters and the chefs.

Boulevard Bistro Game Tip #5: Re-Start When Trying To Get The Perfect Day Star

If you’ve completed all star levels, except for the “Perfect Day” star, re-start the game (by choosing the Map option) whenever you hear the sound of a clock ticking. This sound means that a customer is impatient and you won’t receive a perfect rating for service speed. However, if you need extra cash for buying decorative objects to increase customer patience (Décor +5 or +6 is normally enough to score perfect for service speed), go ahead and play through the entire day.


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