Free Credit Report to Manage Debt

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There are several reasons why a person would want to obtain a copy of his or her credit or debt report. One reason for a copy of one’s credit or debt report is to save a potential lender trouble. If an applicant walks into a mortgage company or car dealership prepared with his or her credit report in hand, the application process will be shorter.

An individual may also want to retrieve his or her credit report for the purpose of managing debt. It is much easier for a person to come up with solutions or negotiate with creditors if he or she has the report. Credit or Debt reports may also come in handy for filing for bankruptcy. The individual will have a list of all his or her lenders available for easy access. Whoever may needs to utilize their credit history can easily obtain a free credit report.

How to get a Free Credit and Debt Report Not many people know this, but a free copy of a consumer credit report is available to anyone who has been denied credit within the past sixty days. If a debtor is turned down for any type of credit, he or she is automatically eligible for this report. The consumer has a right to look over the report and investigate why the lender has turned him or her down. In order to receive a free credit report, the debtor must apply for such on the website of the credit bureau.

There is a section on the website that says “Denied Credit?” The debtor would simply click on this link with the mouse. Next, he or she will be given options on what to do next. He or she would select “Request my credit report.” The consumer will then be asked if he or she has received an adverse decision in the past sixty days. The answer is yes. Next, the consumer will be prompted to fill out personal information and answer questions regarding his or her identity. If the customer answers the questions correctly, he or she will be given instant access to the credit report free.

After this person takes the time out to review everything on the report, he or she will have an opportunity to dispute any account that does not seem familiar. The credit bureau will investigate each disputed account to check for legitimacy. Any account that the lender cannot prove belongs to the consumer will we erased.


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