Your Cat Needs Routine Grooming

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Cats groom themselves quite well to some extent.  However, this does not mean you will not need to do anything as far as grooming is concerned.  You will need to groom your cat occasionally depending on the type of coat they have as well as their particular habits.

One of the most important things for cat owners to do is comb their hair on a daily basis.  If you do not, then their hair will start getting matted or tangled.  Combing is especially important if you have a longer-haired breed such as a Persian.  Daily combing is also important during the spring or fall since this is the time when cats begin to shed.  Kittens will also start shedding hair as they mature, just before they turn one year old.  

Another important task for cat owners is trimming the nails.  This should be done on a weekly basis.  If your cat has ever scratched you accidentally, then you will easily understand why this is necessary.  You can help keep your kitty from scratching up your furniture if you keep the nails trimmed short.

Do not be haphazard when you are cutting your cat’s nails though.  You will need to locate a pink area known as the quick.  Avoid cutting this area because it will cause your cat to bleed.

Although cats typically hate to get wet, you will also need to bathe them on a monthly basis.  This will help keep their hair manageable as well as keep them from developing odor problems.  Bathing your cat regularly will also keep oil buildup and fleas from becoming a major problem.  

Make sure you put cotton balls inside your cat’s ears before you start giving him a bath.  You do not want moisture to accumulate in the ear canals and increase the risk of an ear infection developing.  You will also need to use a shampoo which was made specifically for cats.  Some are made for cats with a particular type of coat, and others will even enhance the color of the fur.

Owners should also clean their cat’s eyes regularly.  Bacteria can accumulate in the area and lead to infections.  You simply need to wash your cat’s face with a warm cloth every day if you can.

If you own a cat, it is very important for you to groom it like you are supposed to.  It is very important for you to give it a bath regularly and trim the nails if you want to protect your furniture.  If you have a long-haired cat, then you will also have to spend a great deal of time combing it.


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