How to Buy a Camping Tent

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The purchase of a tent is like a house to buy – you can not have everything. You have to make decisions, and should have, what you are willing to resign. Here is a list of essential items you should buy a tent:

First Easy to carry – The tent poles are foldable, they are light in weight, preferably high strength tubular aluminum poles fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Second You can stand on its own – should be set to the business at ease, not only in pastures, but on the sand, stones, wood decks, snow, or somewhere, it is difficult to get a tent peg pushed against the floor. It is still necessary to stake the tent, thinking, so it does not become a very expensive one-kite.

Third Storage pockets – for the organization of small parts – a hair brush, playing cards, water bottles

4th A room on the floor – that increases the permeability. You will be very thankful when it rains.

5th Spacious room feeling – OK, can not be a tent as big as a house. But look at the steep walls, increasing the usable interior space. Shop steep walls also shed precipitation better aeration and moisture faster.

5th Mesh windows and doors – Enjoy the moon, the trees, so we went camping in the first place. Locate the zip-file self-repairing zippers are nice to have if you have children placed in and out of the store.

6th Participation belt loops on each corner or side of the tent Beefynylon must be staked out (tent on the lawn is still the best way to keep a tent).

Another thing to consider when camping, most people go into the camp. Some of us over the years in the camp. A tent that is ideal for warm weather – a generous amount of air mesh lining, rain fly, the building floor lamp – is very unpleasant in the winter. You need a 3-season tent or winter camping / mountaineering tent that is almost as hard and resistant to wind and snow as a shelter.

Finally, the size is a role. Try not from a manufacturer that has set six tries to speak, you can talk about sardines.

If you are not sure whether you have never gone before camp, a tent you may be able to borrow from friends or relatives. Let the decision, a tent that you become the winter before deciding buy prevented. Borrowed from a friend, pack, and enjoy nature today.


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