Summer Camp Checklist

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Unlike sending your child to a slumber party, packing for the field requires more effort. It is crucial that you create a list of summer camps to keep the hustle and bustle of last minute packing to a minimum. It may be useful to include a couple of copies of the list on the bag for your child to summer camp to not forget things accidentally in camp.

Before packing, be sure to check with the field, as they can provide a list of items to pack to bring the elements they provide.

Day Camp: The list of essentials for a picnic should be part of your child’s bag.

Rationale: The first is a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more. It also includes a swimsuit and a towel, water bottle, hat, comfortable shoes for running or sports sandals, extra set of clothes, just in case.

Snacks: granola bars, fruit, juice box, water, trail mix, etc. are great snacks for the picnic.

Special requirements: All the medical or medication needs to be written and placed in a bag for your child with their medications and prescriptions. You will also need a note describing how the drug should be administered. All medical information should be stored in a file in the field, but a note attached to medicine is still useful.

Camp for the night: simply no longer requires a stay of several important additions to the list of day camps. It is important to package all required, will be needed during the week or two weeks which will be out.

While linens can be provided, a sleeping bag is always a necessity. A blanket and pillow comfortable beautiful home will also add to the comfort of your child during his nights in the camp.

Pack twice the amount of socks and underwear in case your child gets dirty playing sports or doing other activities in the field. It is also recommended to pack a few shirts, a sweater for cool nights, one or two pairs of pants, a few pairs of shorts and pajamas, a rain jacket and two pairs of shoes. Do not forget to flip-flops for the shower activities or water.

Toiletries, soap and shampoo should include toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush, towel and two small towels (one for the shower and water activities).

Several items should include a camera, a flashlight for night operation and glasses for water sports.

These are just basic guidelines for the field, which depends on the type of camp your child attends and their individual needs. If you miss something, always can be sent to a camp or overnight.


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