Building a Garden Bed

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You can make a garden. The location is sunny and took the time to begin. Just follow these five basic steps and your new garden ready for planting.

Clean the floor
Dig up
Disable the root
Amending the soil
Fill and level of

Clean the floor
Let us, by starting at the debris field and other vegetables. Reduced without bushes or shrubs that may be in the region. We attack the roots, as they are received.

Dig up
You can begin to dig your garden, you want the customer. I am a little more systematic than most. I’ll start digging a strip along one edge. Then I need for the rest of the perimeter to dig. This marks the region soon have a new garden. I’ll dig a range of the width of the blade from one end, and until I finished. All the accumulated dirt in front of the bed. I usually dig a new bed 15-24 inches deep.

As you explore some of the roots will probably planted with shrubs and trees before coming. Would you like to solve these and close the border again. It could, depending on what are the roots of this being a difficult task. Be careful when cutting the roots, more than 1 inch in diameter and are part of a living tree you want to keep.

Change in soil
Every gardener seems to have its own idea of ​​what should go up. Some gardeners, when filling a high bed, the use of a party, one part compost of peat and one part vermiculite. Usually I’m dealing with a sandy soil have, I would like to use a portion of the soil, compost and 1 part peat. Do not spend much time to the mix is ​​perfectly safe only, mix well and get plenty of one.

Fill and level of
You may have already filled in, is the mixing of the soil, but if you to mix the soil and the site is now time to start again in the garden bed. Normally my country mixed in a wheelbarrow and then throw them into the garden bed. They want him for at least a few inches above the original soil to fill. To be paid over time. Because you add more material, you have a few links.


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