How to Stay Healthy Longer

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I promote healthy living by encouraging people to become close and personal with which you eat, have fun and make more physical contact. A healthy lifestyle includes the steps and strategies you put in place to achieve to achieve optimal health. My steps include maintaining a spiritual relationship, eat to live, not live to eat, stay physically for gardening, swimming and walking, through stimulation of the brain by reading and learning and socializing with neighbors, church members, club membership to cultivate healthy relationships and enjoy life.

Eat foods that are organically grown better for your health to grow your own food and eat fresh. However, if you grow, how to buy an organic farmer or grocery store at least once a day, eat fruit, vegetables or herbs that are grown without chemicals.

Plant a garden if it’s a vegetable, fruit or vegetable origin is in a container in the window on the balcony, on the porch or in the garden in the city. It is not easy to grow in the city to a garden, but possible. It requires at least an hour a day for a garden that produces food for a family of four (4) care. I learned from experience, some basic steps for growing a garden courtyard with success in the city.

Steps to a city garden behind the house are:

With healthy soil, free from chemical sol-start. It is important that you determine your soil, if the nutrients plants need to grow have been tested. Potting soil before testing increases the risk of disappointment in horticultural production.

Location – The garden takes 6 to 8 hours of sun per day. Must be between the entrance of your home from your garage or the path is to your door. You will not see their way out into the garden. Make sure the garden does not alter the trees and the shade when the seasons. It should also be located near a source of irrigation.

Water – Make water your garden into a habit or include them in your lawn irrigation system. Water your garden early morning or late afternoon is a great opportunity to socialize with their neighbors.

Tools – The right tools will save time, money and reduce injuries. Get hand fork, trowel, clippers, a shovel, a bucket, garden boots, a small stool and a pair of gloves. If you start with a small garden, your tool inventory to grow the size of your garden.

Factory – Buy seeds and plants from a reliable source. I recommend the use of seeds or plants that have been designated organic. Plant the seeds or plants, as the package directed. Group plants according to their need for space, moisture and sunlight.

RSS – Feed your garden with organic / natural, without chemical additives. Compost (defined as a combination of organic material that can be used as a soil conditioner or as a way to grow plants.) Where to buy fertilizer from a reliable supplier.
Weed – While there are some tricks to reduce weed need, you have to weed your garden, if not daily, at least once a week. Spread mulch around the plants is more effective in reducing weeds.

Protect your garden from pests, diseases, excessive sun, cold and vermin. It is your responsibility.
Patience – Be patient, let your garden. Don not over water or fertilize. Above all, do not worry. If something is wrong, research and application of remedies. Relax and enjoy the process.

Educate – Take time to learn about gardening. Do you know your region. If you decide what to plant to read! Then enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Garden in the city can be more than one option, but reality can in your garden in the city.

Of course, eating better, there is much of what it takes to stay healthy, but must be balanced with the other two (2) important factors, exercise and socialization. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Breaking the worst addiction, a habit from the couch, take a break from the computer and television move, and. Gardening is the physical, psychological and social. It helps to keep bones strong, my mind clear and relaxed and it’s fun for me. What does this mean for you? There is swimming, dancing, golf, fishing, tennis, bowling, ice skating, sailing, camping, hiking, or by filling the void. Walk on the beach, explore the zoo, visit the gardens in the park to be an activist, just move! As soon as you have fun here, I do not feel obligated, but as an essential part of the day. Personally, I’m still thinking clearly, walk, talk, hear and feel good inside and out, and I want you too. To achieve this, it is a strategy for your body, mind and soul healthy.

And finally, to socialize with others. The media, just to socialize, association and mix socially with people. In my family we have learned to relax socialize and enjoy our friends, family and neighbors. My family taught by example, such as jewelry, which was good and where fine china. It helps us to maintain good mental health upright. Keep it simple, especially socialization into their daily lives. Stay in touch with a friend. Share information. Join a club, where you can share your stress free and the joy of intellectual exchange of thoughts and ideas. Guardian of a child or a company. Go to a coffee from time to time. Invite someone to drink a coffee. For those of us who invested our homes comfortable and attractive, share, plan and organize a party lawns and barbecues with friends, neighbors and family regularly.

For some of us to stay healthy means that a change. The change is something else you can come to different conclusions. Be healthy and stay healthy, eat to make organic, physical and contacts!


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