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Everybody has heard of Google Ad sense program  as It is fairly popular. However there is another similar program called Adbrite this is a site with almost similar pedigree as Ad sense and was founded by Philip Kaplan and Gidon Wise. It has its headquarters located at San Francisco. Adbrite first saw the light in 2002 and was named, but due to a lesser impact it was rechristened and re-launched in 2004 as Adbrite. This site just like the Google site and is an online advertising site, but its not a clone of Adsense and has some significant differences.

Adbrite, What it is

Over the years since 2004 Adbrite has gone from strength to strength and presently services 112,009 sites, which is a pretty large number. Adbrite has now developed into  the largest independent exchange advertising site and displays video and full page Ads  as well, unlike the Google site which displays Ads integrated along with the content.

 Adbrite does have a separate niche of its own. Basically it’s a site that gives a platform for online advertising to publishers and advertisers.  Both these entities can join hands by making use of this platform for mutual benefit. Website owners can approach the site and register. Once their application is approved, they can place their paid Ads on the website and earn money. The best way to describe this site is that it is a PPC ( Pay per click) site. However it is  not simply  a plain PPC site, but has a significant difference from other similar sites as those who advertise through this site have an option to have full page advertisements as well as banner advertisements. The site is listed as a public site, which is a good thing as it shows that the site is not a scam site and is above board. It also has pretty decent traffic though not at par with PPC of Yahoo and Google sites.

Signing Up

Signing up for Adbrite is simple and no complications are involved. You will have to answer the usual questions like your residential address, tax information and website. This is the important part as you will have to give some details about your website. The information provided by you is then collated to evaluate as to which segment your website can be positioned. You will also have to work out the prices. Pitching your price too high may repel traffic while an extremely low pricing may not give you much profit. Once your site is operational and a company or individual wishes to advertise on your site you will be informed by email. Your approval is a must for the next step.

Last Word

One major difference between this site and other sites is that Adbrite will accept sex, adult and Viagra dominated Ads.  In addition payments are made every 60 days and not monthly. But the threshold limit for payment is $20 only compared to $100 for Google Ad sense.

All in all Adbrite is a good site and one can safely advertise on it. It is a site that is 6th in the list of similar sites and deserves to be patronized.


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