Mobile Blogging is the next HYPE thing

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Blogging has been on of the fun way for people to share to others about what their like and enjoy. But, to keep the blog always updated is not that easy. That is why we can see the new generations of blogging which is through your mobile phone. With a new updated on mobile technology, people can always share to all their blog fans on what things happen currently with the blog author just through mobile phone. Mobile blogging which also refer as “MoBlog” has been an alternative for busy people that always want their blog keep updated.

Imagine that you are currently in one of the top event. You have your mobile phone that can snap picture and sent it to your blog with some recent updated. See, you can be first person ever on earth that posted about that event just because you have a mobile blog! After that you can imagine how many traffics will come to your blog especially if that event is one of the top search keyword in google.

With the latest technology we have, more and more blog platform has introduce this MoBlogging system in their blog CMS. can be one of the good example. The has introduce this service where you can post a new blog post just through your mobile phone. All you need to do is integrate your blog with your mobile phone number. Easy isn’t it?

But, we also doesn’t really sure whether MoBlogging can replace the real blogging itself. But, based on my opinion MoBlogging is really good to used especially when you were travelling. MoBlogging also would be useful to a blogger that has interest in Journalism. This will make them easy to post about their new discovery just via their phone mobile. What else? It really fun to blogging in different way rather than just the traditional way to blog. Why not give a try to MoBlog right?


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