Simple Steps to Prevent Car Thefts

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A vehicle, mostly  a car is much sought after by thieves. Firstly  a stolen car can earn a thief a lot of money and secondly the car can be dismantled and its parts sold to prospective buyers.  In India on an average 36,000 cars are stolen every year. The fact is that only about 40% of these cars are recovered by the police and 90% of these cars  are ina very poor condition.

Hence it is incumbent on the car owner to take steps to protect his car. Some of the steps he or she can take are outlined below

a)  Firstly in case you can afford it install an anti-theft device in your car. It is seen that these devices are a great deterrent to car thieves. in case you do not have a ant-theft device then while parking the car at night consider a special shoe shaped steering and clutch lock. This does not cost much , but is a great deterrent.

b)  Always park the car in a paid car park.  In case there is no car park then park your car in a lighted place. While leaving the car insure  there are no valuables in the car, as these can be a great enticement for a thief. Even your car stereo  cover may be detached and taken with you.

c) Double check all doors and the boot of the car and ensure they are properly locked.  Insure that the car windows are rolled up. Also see that thequarter glasses of your car are secure.

d) Try and not have too many costly extra fittings in your car. These are a great attraction to thieves. Also get the number of your car etched on the windows and the wind shield of the car. If possible have the car number painted on the body as well.

e)  Lastly insure that the car ignition switch and key is not left in the car.   If possible install a loud alarm system.

 Finally  in case your car is stolen, immediately inform the Police and register  a FIR. Follow up by informing the insurance company. You will then have to prefer a claim. 


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