How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – 5 Simple Signs

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Alright, you know this guy but you are not sure if he likes you? It is hard, so you can never be a 100 percent sure, even if you get a hunch that he is into you. But don’t panic – after reading this you will know how to tell if a guy likes you.

I will give you a list of signs which guys exhibit when they like you. If you ever caught him doing a few of these things, he certainly likes you. Just remember that guys do not want to give away their emotions, just like you. That’s probably why you are not sure that he likes you. But anyway, if you saw him do a few of these signs, he is definitely into you.

*Finds everything funny – This is a simple one. When you like a guy, don’t you find everything he says funny? Even if it’s not funny at all, you just laugh at everyyhing he utters out? Well guys do that as well. When we like a girl we also find anything funny. So if you remember him laughing at your jokes – even the bad ones, than he really likes you.

*Offering help – If a guy likes you, he will find an opportunity to help you. It can be anything, but you will see, as soon as you say you need help on something, or mention something he is good at, he will immediately offer you help. I don’t know why guys do this, but they do – they want to help a girl with anything hoping that she will like us more after that.

*Doesn’t mention other girls – This is a funny one too. When a guy likes you, he does NOT mention other girls, PERIOD! Why? Well he doesn’t want you to think that he likes THAT girl, he likes you. This can be a pretty clear giveaway, so just think about it, has he ever mentioned other girls in your conversation? If not, then he definitely likes you.

*Carries the conversation on – So you are talking to the guy, and you run out of things to say. The conversation kind of dies out. Does the guy say the dumbest possible thing just to carry on the conversation? He does this because he does not want the conversation to die out. Look out for this one, you can catch it easily. Guys usually panic a little bit, and think of something fast, just to get you talking again. So if you see a guy doing this a few times, he likes you.

*Shares contact info – This is a basic sign. If he takes your number, or e-mail address, he is into you. Remember, there are boys which are too shy to ask for your number, so they give you their numbers instead. But this is not a bad thing, he still likes you. Did you text him by the way? You should.

There you go, if you caught all, or some of these signs, you can be sure that he likes you. If you are struggling at one step of your relationship, take control. Ask him for his phone number if he doesn’t ask you first. Thanks for reading.


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