Foods With The Lowest Calories

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There are a lot of foods that have got low calories. You can combine complete meals without having to take in large amounts of calories. This is good news for people who have to lose weight. But, actually, it is more healthy to eat less calories than most people do. Many people have no clue about calories and therefore their meals are unbalanced. That means they contain too many calories of one kind and too little of another. The proteins, carbs and fats should be taken in a certain ratio.

But here we are going to speak about those foods that give you just little calories and can still be balanced.

Let us take the vegetables. Most of them bring very few calories with them. Among the most low calorie vegetables we find cucumbers, zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, watercress. All green leaf salads bring practically no calories. What they bring is taste, trace elements, vitamins and fibers. Do not forget potatoes. It is not true that they add to your weight. They do not contain many calories but are rich in vitamin C and in trace minerals. All these ingredients are useful for any diet. And do not forget mushrooms. They have practically no calories but many trace elements and minerals.

The same thing applies to many fruits. Water melons, all other kinds of melons do not count for calories. Little calories are contained in berries, in apples, in pears.

Lentils bring little calories. A serving of 80 grams brings you 80 calories. That is a very good ratio.

As far as cheeses are concerned, the lowest calories are contained in cottage cheese and in blanc battu. This latter is said to not bring any calories at all. Do not believe it. It is made of milk, although of skimmed milk and brings therefore, a few calories

Fish: white fish is poor in calories. Tuna is also poor as it is not fat. Nowadays we should not eat too much tuna as its species are in danger.

Meat: low calorie meats are chicken and turkey as long as you do not eat their skin. Just eat the meat, If you like beef, you can eat it as it does not bring a lot of calories, as long as you stick to the lean parts. The same holds true for pork. And, of course, for veal.

As you see, you can combine a meal that contains proteins, carbs and fats without the risk of too many calories.


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