The Smartest Way to Create a Passive Income Is to Sell Downloads By Ankit Vashishth

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The trend of working online is at its peak since it is becoming the most profitable and effective way to earn from wherever one chooses to earn. Among hundreds of ventures, some of the best options are to sell files or to sell downloads. Various digital products like music files, eBooks, photos, music, art patterns, etc., can be bought and converted into a tangible form. Downloads such as software and other upgrading versions, can be utilized to update versions of various system requirements.

Let us take a look at the few key steps involved to sell downloads and to sell files:

The first step is to pick a product that you are totally aware of or passionate about. This is a very significant step because; the entire sales would be based not only on your product but also on the services provided by you and the sales handling techniques to answer queries of thousands of customers. The knowledge also helps you to identify the best program to help you set up your website that suits the requirements of you and your products. Some of the common downloads that would pay you for every single use are; music files, PDF files, documents, art files, video files, etc.

Next step would be to select the apt program among the hundreds of options that are available. The program should be a very simple one for your customers as well as you would be the pay-per-download service. Many of these programs work through PayPal though you may opt to have your preference such as credit cards or online bank services.

The next important step to sell downloads or to sell files is to sign up into the program chosen by you through the set up process. Once the set up for the payment through website is made, you may add your files to the server. This makes the files and downloads accessible to people with a click on a link. These links provide the access to your files or downloads. Here normally two options are provided to the customer. One is ‘buy now’ option and the other is ‘add to shopping cart’, which a customer decides to choose.

This is the final step. Once the customer clicks either to buy or to add to shopping cart option, they would be asked to enter their payment details based on the mode of payment you have provided. The payment processor would verify the payment details to match with your needs and the money is then transferred into your account. Finally the process of download is complete for the customer. What more can be easy than to sell files online?

The current trend and technology advancement has led to a boost for shopping online. Hence there is no better time that this to sell downloads or to sell files or to set up a business online. The creation of the downloadable files or products is only a single-time process, which could literally be sold a million times. Perhaps, this is one of the smartest ways to create a passive income.


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