A Personal Savings And Home Based Business Opportunity Review

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As a retired educator, I have been searching for ways to supplement and stretch my income, while I am learning online affiliate marketing skills. I have found a program, called MyWorldPlus, which has the potential to help me in two ways. The first is by saving me money on purchases, and the second is by providing a work from home business opportunity.

MyWorldPlus is an international program that was started in 2007. You may sign up as a member, an associate, or both. There is an initial start up cost and a low monthly fee. Because I was interested in all the opportunities that the program provided, I joined as a member and an associate.

When you are a member, MyWorldPlus provides several personal savings options. A discount card, which can be used over and over, is issued for thousands of products and services, with an average savings of ten to twenty-five percent. A list of participating merchants is made available for the city of your choice. Most of the places that the discounts and specials apply are ones where you would normally eat, shop, or go for entertainment.

There are other ways MyWorldPlus can help with personal savings. Cash back shopping is available at specific online stores. A percentage of what you spend at these stores will be returned to you. In addition to cash back shopping, gift cards may be purchased at a discount price. Money saving coupons are provided for groceries, reading materials, and other general merchandise. You can simply download them and print.

When you join as an associate of MyWorldPlus, you are able to bring other people into the program. As you do so, you are paid commissions, and then bonuses, as the persons you bring in sign up others. There is also a monthly profit sharing plan in place.

Currently, I am concentrating on learning affiliate marketing skills, with the help and support from a program called Internet Income University. While I am not building a home based business using MyWorldPlus, I am taking advantage of the savings opportunities and am familiarizing myself with what the program has to offer. So far I am very pleased. MyWorldPlus is helping me reduce spending on things I would normally purchase, at places where I would usually shop. The convenience of the program is a definite plus for me as it helps me save both time and money.


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