Overcome Migraines by Botox Injections

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During these botox injections is better known in the world of beauty because it effectively eliminates wrinkles in the face. But Botox is already known since more than a century ago has the potential to overcome many diseases, one of which chronic migraine. In the United States, Botox is now officially allowed to be one of migraine therapy.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is actually of botulinum toxin was discovered in 1827. Toxins in food rotting if eaten will result in pain, but if toxins are processed in such a way could help cure disorders of the muscle.

For several years scientists explore the botox as a cure for various diseases. FDA also has issued a license to use Botox to address musculoskeletal disorders in the form of flashing without control, eye disease Crossed eyes, neck muscle spasms, excessive sweating as well as other muscle disorders. In the field of cosmetics, botox is in demand to address the skin starts sagging.

Botox is injected in the forehead effectively inhibited the release of neurotransmitters associated with pain. Because Botox is now officially used as a therapy for chronic migraine. Unlike the usual headache, chronic migraine is often characterized by severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound.

As migraine therapy, botox is injected as much as 31 times in seven areas, including the forehead, temples, back of head, neck, and shoulders. To cope with chronic disease conditions, the injection is given every three months. Estimated costs to be incurred patients ranged between 1000-2000 dollars, depending on the drug used and physician services.

However, many people are skeptical on the success of Botox to overcome migraine. Although the patients involved in the study said there were improvements in pain, but patients who received placebo injections also said better conditions.

The use of botox in the world, either for cosmetic or medical last year recorded sales of up to 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. After the issuance of permits from the FDA to address migraine, estimated sales would exceed the proceeds from the sale in the field of cosmetics.

Currently Botox is also being studied to overcome various diseases, one of overactive bladder (hard to hold urine disease). “People today are more familiar with Botox as a cosmetic treatment, but in the next five years the use of botox in the field of medical therapy would exceed its use as a cosmetic,” said M. Whitcup Dr.Scott, of Allergen, a research firm that developed Botox for migraine therapy.


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