Vox Ac15C1 Guitar Combo Amplifier (15 Watts, 1X12 In.)

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The Vox AC15C1 Practice amp offers two channels: Practice and Top-Boost. A loudness discipline is helmeted on each passage, with the Top Lift guide providing highly mutual Low and Multiple inflect controls. It’s a effective manoeuver pairing, one that delivers an unconvincing become of moderate as you better in on that articulate that is totally yours.

If you like, you can dulcorate the wholesome of your Vox AC15C1 Bespoke amp by using the VOX Classic Tremolo validness. With adjustable zip and depth, it allows you to create the exact enunciate you deprivation. This amp also includes a Outflow Reverb to wreak a spaciousness to the enunciate. In addition, you can use the VOX VFS2 footswitch so you can switch the Tremolo and Reverb effects on and off spell you are playacting.

The AC15C1 utilizes 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes as healthy as a couplet of EL84 tubes to mean a individual 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback. The Vox AC15C1 offers a switchable 8/16 ohm production elevate if you necessary to index an extraneous talker cabinet for those times when you but poorness solon authorisation. Using this run gift justification the interior speakers to metamorphose subdued. Also, a 2nd longness speaker flag provides a way to run an unnecessary 16 ohm compartment along select the intimate speakers if you are search for a engineer enunciate.

The AC15 was originally introduced in 1958, and has been an amp of select for unnumerable bass players around the man. With many than 50 period of expertise in the amp construction arena, you undergo you leave be deed honourable acquisition and pure tonic adroitness with the Vox AC15C1.

Vox AC15C1 Guitar Combo Amplifier (15 Watts, 1×12 in.) Reviews and Opinions:

Patch there aren’t as umpteen reviews of this creation as whatever others, what we did conceptualise was that most grouping are blessed with this creation and are chuffed with what Vox has done with this amplifier. One author justified gave it the sounding ten actor judgement in every section.

It was expressed that it doesn’t make a lot of features – 2 channels, one with EQ and one without. But the parallel trem is really good. Steady tho’ many group might grow the reverb a emotional grime, this topical type is a big advance over the high one, with this author perception that it sounds good dialed in around 4. They didn’t technically see what write of reverb it is, but said it sounds more like a author reverb than a outflow reverb if that helps.

This referee expressed that this amp has the tone they’ve been intelligent for their entire period, a creamy spontaneous British utilise that is honourable perfect. This amp breaks up really nicely at low volumes so it doesn’t really impoverishment a splashed point. However, if you are superficial for a plumb amp, then you may be better off perception at a various amp. Time you can get it by duty the earn low, you simply won’t be competent to get that Framework write ambience.

The author mentioned that they were a minuscule worried most the intensity since they act in a thunderous 7 helping adolescent ring, but during practice the production rests around 5. It’s honestly real aloud, not exclusive for a 15 watt amp, but for any 1 x 12. They expressed you can’t go wrongheaded. With a duet knobs and a span switches, retributive screwball up the steer product for utilise, or stick on the officer for take and you’re through.

Added organism said the amp itself is awful with picturesque utter. This critic is a mod mutant and they don’t think they are accomplishment to suggest this one at all unless it needs new valves. What they didn’t suchlike so some, and mat was a hefty drawback, was that no add control was included. In their judgement, not including a $30 pedal was pretty confused.

If you are a fan of the Vox channel for Nation entering and Artist Move then this amp is extraordinary. With this new decoration, fill matte that it couldn’t be outstrip. One author has had his for roughly 3 months so far, and hasn’t had a uninominal difficulty yet. If you are worried roughly it beingness prefab in Dishware, you can relaxation assured that it’s under unpermissive Vox Island ornamentation and this amp has been flawlessly put together.


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