Prepare Three Netbook Models From Acer Tablet Waive 4G Playbook Playbook Tablet Review Blackberry Rim 2011 And Ready To Start

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Prepare the 3 models of Acer tablet, netbook from the difference between the

Acer is preparing three types of Tablet PC, which is lontorkan in mid-2011. Signal “death” lighter netbooks. Launched the PC Advisor, on Tuesday (1/18/2011), Acer is made for sale, Lu Bing-Hsian. According to the staff of two or three tablets of Acer is likely to appear in the first half of the year, seven-inch tablet size. “Starting from a tablet is the first step in the ranks of Acer’s sales that are made in stages. This would fit the current market today. We want to eliminate a netbook because it is the direction of the market right now,” said Bing-Hsian . Bing-Hsian presented, three bars, which is equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge, and is the operating system Google Android. “The largest tablet makes 10-inch screen,” he said. But when the passage of netbooks tablet production that are not directly.

Computer manufacturer based in Taiwan that will still produce a netbook, but not so much the usual, and will only produce a netbook simple models. The tablet will have faster performance than the laptop, the Windows operating system. Because the production of Acer tablet is equipped with four processor cores. “We created the tablets for ordinary users, not especially designed for gamers,” said Bing-Hsian. Bing-Hsian unfortunately not provide price details for each tablet of this size. By way of comparison. Acer tablet, which was first launched last year, measures 12 inches and priced at € 630 since its launch, the tablet is claimed to be selling about 200-300 units per month until the tablet had stopped production in July 2010.

Details of Blackberry Playbook – Playbook Tablet Review Blackberry 2011

Blackberry is one game book of electronic devices are very attractive. In front of you can not find a button around the touch screen is very sensitive. It seems more stable than the Galaxy Tab 7-inch. BlackBerry Micro USB and game book available HDMI ports on the edge of the tablet, and a 16 GB storage device. The book game has Wi-Fi, 3G and follow. It can berkonjungsi with Blackberry phones, the Bluetooth access e-mail, calendar and fuel. Along with Xoom, a tablet that deserves to predict Palybook CES 2011.

RIM ready 4G book game

Interest rates for business playbook, encourages the pursuit of passion in Motion (RIM) launched the 4G version of the device, next summer. The study revealed a RIM senior vice president Jeff McDowell, on the sidelines of demonstrations in the field of Playbook Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which opened today in Las Vegas. Yes, for the first time since its launch last year, RIM gave a demonstration using the seven-inch tablet, which must compete with the iPad (Apple). Wi-Fi version of its own diperkiarakan again appear in March 2011. The plan, Sprint RIM as a service operator. According to McDowell, RIM’s decision to work with the provider of the third most popular in the United States, is that Sprint is currently the largest 4G network, quoted by Reuters on Thursday (01/06/2011). Playbook might be the most anticipated iPhone competitor than other competitors. The market tablets only expected to grow to 50 million units next year.

McDowell claims, companies are now looking at the playbook that the unit is important to have employees such as mobile phones or PCs. Some time ago, collage problem if RIM is planning to delay the launch of the playbook because of problems with the battery. But McDowell says, the battery can last Playbook like other 7-inch tablet, or even longer. However, he declined to give more specific information.


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